Beauty and the Beast | Film Review

There has been a huge hype over the new Beauty and the Beast film. For me this Disney classic was my childhood I used to watch it back to back on video with The Lion King. I watched the remake of the film the other day with Alice. So here are my views...
Everyone knows the story of Beauty and the Beast right?.. For those who don't I shall do a little description about the story-line. The film is set in France and is about a selfish young prince who is cursed by a a woman who turned him into a beast. To break the curse he has to find someone to love and fall in love with him. Years later, a young maiden named Belle learns a appreciate her captor and immediately falls in love with him. Back in the village an unscrupulous hunter has his own plans for marring Belle.

Now the remake is pretty similar to the original but it dose have enough things different for it worth remaking. I loved the film and I did end up crying over it. It just kept taking me back to my childhood. I was very worried at first that I would compare it too much to the original and that would make me not like the film as it's not the same. Luckily I came out loving it!

The things I loved about the new one is that they had more of a back story about what happened to Beast and why he is like what he is today and what happened to Belle's mother. I felt this gave you more of an understanding for the characters and that you could see more character development for them too. This did mean that they had to cut out a lot of the sense's from the original that I loved. So I was a bit upset about that as I kept expecting those sense's to come up and they didn't. To be fair though I don't think that matters too much as I get why they had to do it.

They added new songs to go with the new sense's in the film which I thought was good and they filmed fitted nicely. So I was happy with that. When I heard about them having new songs I was a bit worried because I wasn't sure how it was going to work. It tied in nicely. If I am honest I can't remember how the songs go so I will have to listen to the sound track as I have only heard it once. From what I remember I liked it.

I felt like the acting was very good, although some of the films weren't that good. As it's a Disney film and made for kids I thought I'd let that pass as it's normal for that kind of film. Dan Stevens who played Beast did a great job and I feel like his voice was perfect for the role. Though I did think that it should have been scarier like from the original film. As it felt like Beast gave in a lot easier and it really took away him being a 'bad' guy for me. I know he's meant to be good deep down, but I wanted to find that out a little more gradually.

Something that really stood out for me was the look of the film. They have used really bright and beautiful colours that really stand out and make the film look like a Disney film. It reminds me of the film Edward Scissor Hands as they use a lot of bright colours and even if you only see on clip of the film you can tell what the film is by the colour. You know a film has done well when you can tell what the film is by just looking at one clip, kind of like an advert that stands out too.

I have to say that even though it was a amazing film it doesn't bit the original. It's just a classic film that I love a lot.

So these are my thoughts, I would love to know what yours are. So comment below or contact me on my social media if you like!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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