Christmas Present | To Bath

For Christmas we got an amazing present from James' mum Lisa which was to go away to Bath just me and him. We went there last weekend and we had the most wonderful time. Bath is one of those places where I could go again and again and never get bored of it. It's small but bigger than Cheltenham and it's a super beautiful place. It's one of those towns where you feel like you are abroad even though you haven't traveled that far to get there. To those that have never been before I would recommend it to you for reasons I shall tell you now.
We only stayed for one night but it was enough to do a lot of things. One day though I would like to spend a long weekend there and see more.

We went down on the Friday and stayed over night till the Saturday afternoon. Kindly Lisa drove us down so on the way we got to see some really pretty sights in the country side on the way. When we got to the hotel the man asked us if we had been there before and that there was a night club below the hotel where we were staying at. It was funny because me and James really aren't that kind of people. We prefer staying in. So we had a good laugh about that afterwords. After putting our stuff in our room we went for a walk to see a little bit of the town as we were in a great location in the middle of town. As we grabbed a Starbucks we went and sat down in front of this big church and people watched. It was lovely as we had the best chats! It got to about 7 o'clock and we decided to go to dinner at Wagamama which was right next door to the Travelodge where we were staying. We hadn't been there before so it was nice to experience it before they bring it to Cheltenham. I had a Katsu curry. Which oh my it was good and we both had a cold beer. After dinner we went back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

I felt like we did enough for the first day/evening being there. We didn't want to do too much as we wanted to save the most of it for the next day as we had a whole day there.

The next day we woke up a lot earlier than we wanted to so we watched a film and then started off our day at 10am. We went to a cute little restaurant across the road from us and had breakfast. I had to go for the bacon and maple syrup pancakes as I have never had it before. Everyone tells me how good it is. I was not disappointed at all. After that we took a long walk to the crescent which the last time I went to Bath is where I went so I wanted to show James it. Then we went to the big park and sat down for a bit before we headed back to the town. I can't remember the name of the park but it was huge. In town we did a bit of shopping. That's when it started getting really hot to I had to buy a another t-shirt to make me cooler. I saw all these people eating these lush looking pasties so I had to try one. It was so good! After a bit more sight seeing we decided we were ready to go home.

This time away wasn't very long at all but it was what we both needed and we had the most wonderful time, with the best company. Bath as a lot to see; a lot more than what we saw and we saw a lot. It's a pretty looking town with friendly people and the amount of times you will see a Deliveroo guy is a lot. We counted over 10 in about half hour. Which we made a game out of.

As you can see from the pictures we had a great time. I would love to hear what places that you guys have gone to even if it was for a short amount of time. So comment that below if you like.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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