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The other day me and a couple of my friends went to see the play Rent. I had heard a lot about Rent and it was all good things. We had the best night. I thought I would tell you my thoughts on the performance. Yes it was a good one. I'm pretty surprised that I have never seen it before as it is played a lot.
Before the performance Alice got a call saying that they had a few of the main cast off ill so there will be some understudies, on top of that one of the understudies was ill so one of the Chorus had to step in. She learnt it all on the day and the matinee was cancelled so there was a lot of pressure for her but it didn't show at all and they got a standing ovation at the end. I think they deserved it.

Rent is set in New York City in a gritty East Village and tells the story of a group of improvised young artists struggling to live and pay their rent. With all of this they want to strive for success and acceptance while enduring the obstacles of poverty, illness and AIDS. It is a rock musical with the music, lyrics and book by Jonathan Larson which is loosely based on Giacomo Puccini's opera La Bonheme. It has a different style music to other musicals that I have seen. The rock gives it an edgy feel and really goes well with the play in general.

The stage was made up of platforms to act as flats and looked like scaffolding. It look really effective. The stage went quiet high and they used a lot of the stage, which I was super glad about as it worked really well. As you can see in the picture. It's a tricky stage to preform in as you can easily get hurt. I feel like the way they did it was well enough for the actors to preform well and for us to be able to see them.
I loved the atmosphere the play gave and even though some bits were sad it still made me come out with a huge smile on my face. They added comedy bit in the right places which is great as sometimes people try to make things funny and it doesn't work very well. But in this case it did.

What I didn't like though (which is very small) that when the other actors in the play didn't have there lines or weren't in the scene they stayed on stage and just looked super bored. I feel like they could have done that a bit better. That might have been their role to look like that. But it made me feel like they looked like they didn't want to be there. As I said it's a very small thing and overall the play was pretty amazing so can't really complain. I had to give my honest review, so there it is.

I would love to see this play again. As I really enjoyed myself. So hopefully sometime in the future I will get a chance to.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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