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I have always wanted to do collaborations in my blog and it's taken me a long time to find out how I can do that. The other week me and Alice were talking about doing one together and we came up with an idea of an interview with each other. I feel like if this one goes well that I'll make this a monthly thing. I don't want to always interview bloggers either, I think it would be interesting to have all different thinks of people on my blog.

Alice is my best friend and I thought she would be a great person to start this off with. I have done the same on her blog so go and check hers out (if you want to see it)! She's been blogging for a while and has got a lot to say, so I hope you guys find this interesting. I sure did.
1. What is your blog about and why do you love blogging?

'My is about baking and reviewing things I love, such as theatre shows I've seen, films or TV shows! I also write about places I've been too, such as my holidays blog posts and I sometimes do tips/advice posts too. I love blogging as it makes me feel productive with my life when I'm sat at home doing nothing and I get to write about something I've really enjoyed or feel passionate about. I love sharing my thoughts and opinions with other people too; the fact I may influence someone to go and watch a film or cake a cake is so cool!'

2. What is you favorite things about blogging?

'Probably being able to share my thoughts and opinions with other people knowing I could be influencing someone to try a different genre of film or go to see a play.'

3. What made you start your first blog?

'I wanted to practice my writing before I started university and I saw some really good films and wanted to share my thoughts about them somehow. Paige had recently started up a blog and I thought that was pretty cool so I decided blogging would be a good way to get my ideas and thoughts out there!'

4. Got any advice for someone starting out with blogging for the first time?

'Only blog about what you're passionate about. Enjoy every blog post you write and only do it when you have time and when you want to. There's nothing worse than forcing yourself to blog because then it becomes a chore rather than something you're meant to enjoy.. Always remember it's a hobby not homework.'

5. What difficulties have you faced when blogging?

'Sometimes I struggle how to work sentences or project what I want to say into a paragraph so posts can take me an hour or more sometimes, especially when I want to blog but not concentrating properly.'

6. How long have you been blogging for?

'3 or 4 years I think but I switched over from Weebly to blogspot in that time at the beginning I rarely posted due to my a-levels!'

7. What's your favorite blog post that you have done so far?

'God that's a hard one - I loved writing about my holiday to Mousehole last summer and I also really enjoyed writing my review on Matilda the musical; so probably one of those two!'

8. Have you met anyone through blogging?

'Not really - I see people gaining new mutuals through blogging all the time though so I'd love to meet some new people.'

9. How often do you blog?

'I try to blog at least once a month but with Uni assignments it's been less recently - hopefully I'll get back into doing it more regularly over the summer.'

10. How did you come up with your blog name?

'My old blog name was really long and I couldn't remember it let alone expect anyone else to remember it. So I wanted something short and easy and I came up with the idea to play on my actual name and the idea that I'm the youngest within my immediate family - thus 'mini' means smallest/youngest and Stephens is my surname.'

I would like to say a huge thank you to Alice for being in my first collaboration blog post. It was fun to do. I would love to do more of this. I lot of what Alice said I could really relate to and I hope some of you did too.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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