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Normally when you go to watch a play or a musical all the script and the whole story-line has already been completed and rehearsed so many times to make sure every little thing is perfect. However this is not the case when watching Show Stopper. It's completely opposite but still just as amazing and I think involves a lot more skill. It's all about improvising on the spot with what the audience chooses.
I had heard and done some improvisation things before but never have they turned out as good as that performance I saw at the Everyman on Thursday night. I find normally the comedy is forced and the most funny bits are what goes wrong. For Show Stoppers it came a lot more naturally and flowed really well.
I went with my good pal Shirley who works at the Everyman; so gratefully we got to go for free and we got amazing seats near the front of the stage. Also with the perk of her working there we managed to get £1 ice cream during the interval. We both came out of the performance buzzing with how good it was. I felt super lucky that Shirley asked me to go with her. I would so do it over and over again, as each time is supposed to be different.
The stage was a simple stage and I think the props are used so that they can create any scene. They mainly use black which is good as you don't want to be distracted by different colours when imagining the scene. On the right hand side of the stage they had the band. Who played at points in the performance for the cast to start singing as song that they are to then make up. Even though there isn't much going on it terms of stage it works super well and I feel like if they did too much it wouldn't work as well being as it's an improvised performance.

As an audience we came up with the idea of the scene of them being on the moon trying to get to Kilimanjaro. There was a thing called space craziness and we said that it should make them act like a chicken; which turned out to be super funny. They ask you to come up with some musicals too, I can't remember all of them. The ones I do remember however were; Wicked, Boyfriend and The Sound of Music. Throughout the performance the characters had to sing each song being the theme of one of these musicals that we chose. As you can tell we had quiet a lot of input. I won't say more though as I could go on and on. I feel like it's the type of thing you need to go see yourself to really understand and enjoy!

I loved seeing it and I would so go again and again. If it's on in your local town, I say see it before you miss out. It's an experience for sure. It's totally different to other shows you might see and it's one of those things that is just a lot of fun really. So there are my thoughts...

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you next time for another.


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