100th blog post!

This blog post will be my 100th. I can't believe I have reached it already. I was going to do a giveaway on this but I haven't quiet done enough research into how to run one properly so I thought when I have done enough that I'd do one for you guys! As you have been a great support and I couldn't thank you enough. Instead I thought I would look back on my other blog posts that I did when I first started blogging to see how much I have grown as a blogger. Also I would like to give some advice to some of you that might be starting out blogging for the first time.
This is my 3rd year of blogging now and I'm loving it the more and more I do it. I started off blogging because a friend of mine suggested it to me as a way of being able to off load my feelings. She also told me a way of doing that without having to tell everyone on the internet what's wrong. I still do it now, as I feel now and again it's good to just let your mind just write about something you love. For me this helps me to express myself and say my opinions on something.
My first ever blog post was a small one just explaining who I was and telling people a little bit about myself. I feel like this is my most cringe blog I've never done; it's quiet funny to look back on though. I was 18 when I started blogging and I had no idea what I was doing. As you can see I tried to be a bit funny as I wanted people to see some character within my writing as I didn't want to look like it's a robot typing. I don't think I came across funny at all. It's quiet funny to look back on it though, even if it is cringe. 
I loved my first gaming review. I feel like for my first one it was pretty good and I'm super happy that I did it as it made me realize that it's one of those kind of blog posts that I want to carry on doing. Plus the Wolf Among Us is a great game. So I really chose a good game for my first review. James helped me with this one so I could understand how to structure it. As it was my first time blogging I needed some help. Now I feel like I've gotten the hang of it even though I still feel like there is more room to improve. 

If you've been reading my blog for the start then you might remember that I used to do an un-boxing post every month on a subscription box called My Geek Box. Over time these blog posts got pretty boring so I had to stop doing it. When you as the person who is writing the posts is finding it boring then you can't expect your audience to find it interesting. I found that I just kept repeating myself and that I was just saying things for the sake of it. In the end I had to stop as I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I'm glad I did it though as I wouldn't have known that and it was good practice. Sadly this is also back when I only watched one episode of Adventure Time (I'm glad that's changed).

My advice to people starting out blogging from experience is to try and find the thing you love blogging about. Whether that is beauty, films or travel. Sometimes it's hard to find this so I say think of the things you like and put them into a blog post. Now it may turn out rubbish but at least you tried and you know for next time whether or not you want to improve on it because you still enjoyed writing it or to try and find another thing to blog about. This can take some time and you don't have to publish anything you don't feel comfortable posting. Maybe for your first couple just save them on Word so you can look back on your progress. 

Another tip that I have found super useful is to get other people to check your post before you publish it. It can be a family member or a friend it doesn't matter but about 2 people is a good amount to help you. They can tell you whether or not they enjoyed it and give you some good advice from a viewers point of view. 

A great way to get your blog out there is to join blogging groups on Facebook, this helps to connect with more bloggers and to help promote your blog for free. With that having a Facebook page is a great and easy way for people to find you. There are tones of people on Facebook you just need to get yourself heard, so tell them what your blog is about and try to keep it sort and interesting. I also use Blog Lovin' which is a sight that is just to promote bloggers. I'm still getting the hang of that one but it is good to use and if you link it up to your Twitter it'll let people know when you've posted a new blog post for you. Fearless Little is a blog promoting website that is pretty knew and I feel like it's the best when wanting to connect with other bloggers. It can be hard to navigate your way around but bare with that as it's a great sight. Lastly use Instagram even though you'll get less people clicking on your link you can find other bloggers on there by using hashtags and it's good to promote your blog in different ways. I find that using more than one method is best. It helps to not only get your blog out there more but to find others that are interested in the same thing. 

My last advice is to use your own pictures if you can. I know it's harder when doing film reviews and stuff like that. But it looks better on your blog and you will avoid copy write issues. Sometimes I do use pictures from the internet as I have nothing to take pictures of that is appropriate to the post. I do for most posts take pictures of my own. As well as all that it adds a bit of you into your blog showing a bit pf personality. 'A picture says a thousand words' isn't that what people say?

So there is it my 100th blog post! I couldn't be happier to get to this milestone. I'm looking forward to creating more as the years go on. I hope you enjoyed me reviewing some of my first blog posts and that you enjoyed hearing my advice. 

See you next time for another.


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