Cherish in Leeds with Mum

If you are a Christian or a follower of Jesus then you might of heard of an event called Cherish. It's an event only for women that is run in different parts of the UK and maybe in other parts of the world. A lady called Charlotte runs it and it started off with 10 people in a small church. Now over 7,000 come to at least one of the venues that it is being held in. My mum has gone to this event 3 or 4 times now. She's loved it, every time she's gone. This year she asked me to go with her. Now for someone like me that is a none Christian I was a little hesitant. In the end I thought I would give it a go, as I did not know what it would be like. Mainly, I just wanted to spend time with my mum. I'm going to tell you what this event was like for me from a none Christians point of view. Also I'll tell you all about what we got up to as we did more than just attend this event.
Thursday 1st June 17

The first day we woke up early, our bags were packed the night before. At 9:00am our taxi came to pick us, as we needed to get to the train station. Our train wasn't until 10:10am but we wanted to grab some things from the little Tesco near by and it gave us time to get some drinks. Also being early for a train is always a good idea! The train took around 3 hours and I spent pretty much the whole time watching Teen Wolf. I was so glad that I took my tablet otherwise I think I would  have been bored. We arrived just after 1pm and went straight to our hotel called Ibis. It was in a great location not far away from the center of town, the train station or the arena, where the event was being held. Quickly dropping off our bags we hit the shops. I was looking for outfits for a trip to Disney, where I am going at the end of June. For dinner we went to Wagamamma's and oh man it was good. I had a chicken and chili salad  and mum had a Kastu curry. I had that when I went there for my first time too.

Arriving at Cherish we were made welcome with open arms and signs saying positive things to make us feel good, these signs were located as we walked to the building and whilst waiting in the queues. When we entered, finding spare seats was a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end as everyone is very kind and nobody minds sitting next to strangers. The night started off with some awesome dancing and worship. We then had a talk from Charlotte who runs Cherish. These are the things that I got from the talk, I feel like everyone can get different things from the talk but I'm just going to tell you what I got from it. I will start this off with a quote ''We who are many are never more powerful than we who are one''. This for me means that no matter what skin colour you have, language you speak or your age, we are one. Those who don't want to be as one aren't as powerful as those that are. She then started talking about towers and tables and the idea that people make towers because they have gotten hurt by someone or had something bad happen in their life. This then makes them put up a tower which is a bit like a way of defending themselves. But this can hurt other people in the process because you might struggle to trust someone or something like that. If you build a table you are expecting everyone and inviting everyone to sit at your table, even if they have hurt you in the past. You don't have to move back in with them but forgiving them allows you to move on and helps you to be able to heal. People that tend to build a tower because that's where they feel comfortable and they might not like change. It's like they have settled in a plane of their issues, race or stereotype. By building a table you will allow everyone to be apart of something.

Friday 2nd June 17

The next day we started the day off by going to worship and we went to another talk. They were talking about how hope can help drive people and that it's an anchor for our soul. When you blame and get angry you have chosen to act that way. It's all about your attitude, you choose how you react to certain things. You should choose life. Not death. Don't give up. As you are loved and being loved, this gives you the push to be able to keep going. They were saying that even if you don't feel loved by people you are loved by God. Now for me I'm not sure about this, as I don't believe in God. It's good to know that if you are really struggling it might be the last thing to keep you going. Forgiveness is the best way of  healing yourself. Sadly that's all I got from this talk. I didn't get as much from it as I did from the first talk, but like my mum said you can't expect to get everything from everything. Someone else would have gotten something from that talk and you shouldn't expect yourself to every time.

Afterwords we did a bit of shopping where I managed to get all my stuff for Disney. Which was great as I started to worry I wasn't going to. I will show you what I got in my Disney blog post after I have been. For lunch we went to an Italian restaurant which I can't remember its name. We shared everything we ate. We chose to have a salad, calamari, broccoli and bruschetta. We were very full after that. As you can see by the picture it was very tasty. On the way back to the venue we bought some ice cream from a local ice cream shop. Oh man it was lush!
In the evening had worship and I really got into, more unlike before like I knew the songs a bit better. Although I still felt like worship isn't really for me. I do love singing but worship is different. At the talk that evening they were saying that when they all come together with different sounds to create one unique sound. That's what they feel worship dose even though everyone has different singing voices but by singing the same thing it makes one sound. All of the parts of worship are important too, to the guitar to drums to singing. But they all make one perfect sound. What really stood out for me about this talk is when they said that religion is a control thing and isn't love. God is love and a follower of Jesus doesn't mean you are Christian. I thought that was super interesting as I always thought you were part of some sort of religion if you believe in God. But that isn't always the case. This gives me another outlook on it. I can now see it through different eyes.  Throughout the evening they do a thing called Cherish Foundation which is where they acknowledge woman that have done good things in people's lives. One lady had adopted over 50 people.

Saturday 3rd June 17

Saturday was our last day and we had a great time so far so it was a little bit sad that it was coming down to an end. Even though we were super tired. I find that when you are enjoying yourself the time always goes super fast. Again we started off the day with worship and a talk. This talk was all about BEGINNING AGAIN. In order to do this you need to forgive those who have done wrong to you. Again this dose not mean things have to go back to the way they were. This helps to heal you and allow you to move on. They also talked about tears and that there are 5 different types. First type is Residue, then Regret, Reconciliation, rejoicing and lastly restoration. If you do these types of tears it helps you to heal and forgive. As you cry you need to say what the meaning of the tears are. Why are you crying and what it means. That's all I got from it. Sadly I couldn't quite concentrate much. I think I was just super tried. I did get some things from it so I'm happy with that.

In our lunch time we just walked around a bit and ate some good food. This time we went for Thai. It was so good. I got some sort of soup with noodles and pork. Not sure what it was called. I enjoyed it and that is the main thing. It was so big so I sadly couldn't eat it all. I really wanted to though. We than had to rush back to the venue.

The last talk I didn't connect with much as all. What I did get from it though was that Obedience gives you authority and Disobedience lowers your authority. I'm not sure how that works. If you guys have an idea that would be great if you would like to discus it with me.

That was my experience and what I did when in Leeds with my amazing mum. Even though it wasn't my thing I still had a great time and mostly it was just good to spend time with my mum. We both were super tired at the end of it. On the way home it looked like both of us could just fall asleep.

See you next time for another.


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