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Have you ever heard someone say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth? Well I have and I agree. My best friends Alice, Paige and I went to Disneyland Paris for a little get away. It was so magical. It's not as big as Florida as people have told me. For 3 days we managed to do all we wanted to do and it was worth every second.
We booked our tickets, travel and hotel around Christmas time so we didn't have to worry about it. It also meant that we could get a really good deal. It costs just over £400 which is such a good deal we thought.

Day 1 - Traveling and first day at Disney

We had to wake up pretty early. About 6 am. To some people that isn't too bad. But to us it was. I'm just super glad that we were going on holiday not to work. The train took us 3 hours to get to London. On the way we talked a lot and watched Friends. Perfect combination I think. From then we had to rush to catch the tube. Because of the fire that happened in London the tube station was pretty full. So it was pretty tricky to get in. As well as this it meant we weren't aloud to travel to certain places. Which meant for us we needed to change what tubes we were getting on. It was a bit of a panic, but because of how good Paige is with tubes and Alice had a good app we manged to do it. Due to the delays it meant we only just got onto the Eurostar in time. With not long to spare before it was going to leave the station. I just felt super lucky I wasn't doing it on my own.
After the stress of the travel we got to Disney. Now this is where the fun began. I was super glad we paid more money so our bags was sent straight to our hotel so then we could go straight to the park. As we went in it was super magical so yes we had to take a lot of super cute pictures with the Disneyland castle. Having loads of rides at Disney we had to go on some of course!

One of the first rides we went on was the Ferry go Round. It was such a cute ride. I enjoyed it. For the first ride to go on as well it was a good start. When we went on the Pinocchio ride I felt a little disappointed afterwords as I felt like it wasn't a very good ride and nothing happened on it really. I also felt the same with the haunted house ride. I guess I need to remember that the rides are aimed for children.

Saying that though we went on a ride called Thunder Mountain and that ride was amazing so of course we had to go on it again. Before hand I was pretty nervous about going on this ride. I had heard good things about it. I think it was due to the unknown. That become a recurring thing for me going on the big rides. I got super nervous before hand and then came off it loving it, and wanting to go again.

We managed to meet a character on this day. We saw Jesse from Toy Story and she was super cute. I think she was a great character to meet first. Even though she didn't speak she had a lot of personality on her and made us laugh a lot. This made us want to meet more characters before the end of our time at Disney.

Everyday at 5:30 they have a parade going on in the center of the park. The floats that the characters would be on were huge and decorated so well. It was pretty magical to see. Not only did they have floats but they also had characters dancing and saying hello to people on the ground.

Day 2 - Full day at park and Fireworks

Another day of waking up early and traveling to the happiest place of earth. We had a free shuttle that took us to the park from our hotel. Today we decided to all dress up in our Mickey outfits. We all looked pretty cute I must say.

We decided that on the second day we would explore the other side of Disney as we did spend most of our time on the first day on one side. This was the day that we did Space Mountain. Again I was really nervous before hand. As soon as I went on it I was screaming so much. We got a picture of it. It was pretty funny seeing all our reactions. Half way through the ride though I started to love it and I kept smiling and laughing.

We went on this ride where you get to ride a car yourself. It was hard to steer. It made it super funny. I just zoomed off when I got into the car.

This is the day we met Tigger and Eeyore and they were super cute and it was the same seeing Jesse. They had so much character even though they didn't speak. For me seeing characters is such a lovely thing to do when at Disney. Their acting is always amazing and the weather was so hot, I was amazed that they could keep it up for so long.
In the evening we went to see the fireworks. I loved seeing them. They went on quiet late. We all sat in a good place near the castle so we could see everything that is going on. Here are the pictures so you can see some of the things we saw from the display.

Day 3 - Last day and meeting Alice and wonderland

Day 3 was the last day and we thought we would make the most of it and head to the park as early as we could and spend time in the other park Walt-Disney Studios. When we got to Disney we saw Minnie so of course we had to go see her. The line looked short enough. We didn't realize that it would take quiet a long time till we saw her. If we had of known we wouldn't have. It was still good to see her though.

We also got a chance to see Alice in wonderland. Which Ali was most excited for. She was also standing with the Mad Hatter. He was such a funny character to see. I have to say I think he was my favorite out of all the characters we had seen.

If you know me then you might know that I am terrified of rides with sudden drops so when hearing about the Tower of Terror I said I won't even get in the queue for the ride. But I did and I even went on the ride. I was freaking out so much on the ride though, so I didn't take it in at all. I felt like it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't think I will go on it again though.

The last ride we went on was the Rocking Roller coaster and man that was such a fun ride. It's the fastest ride there. It plays Aerosmith music as you go around. Of course that meant I had to sing along to the music. I loved it a lot. Even if I was nervous before hand.

After a fun filled adventure couple of days we did some shopping and headed off to the Eurostar. When we got onto our first train for the way home all the air-con had been broken so we were sweating buckets. Not only that but we were super tired so we were in our funny stage of saying random stuff because of how tired we were. That made us laugh a lot. I wish we filmed that bit as it's would have been super funny to look back on.
We did film the trip so check out mine and Alice's YouTube channel if you want to see what we got up to.

I had such an amazing day and I am very grateful to my best friends Alice and Paige for being the best company I could of asked for. The trip couldn't of gone better. They both might be doing a blog post on this as well so be sure to check their's out too!

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See you next time for another.


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