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I started doing guest blog posts last month. My first one was about what it's like to be a blogger with my best friend Alice. I enjoyed it a lot so I thought I would carry on doing it. I have decided to do it every month now with someone different. This month I have decided to do it with my partner James. I feel like for my first ones anyway that it would be good to do it with people I know.
James is someone that has been gaming for many years now and he has played all sorts of different games. I thought it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on games and for him to talk about his favorites. As well talk about the ones he didn't like.

1, What is you favorite game you like to play? and why?

'This question was hard to answer as my top 5 favorite games are all incredibly close. However currently I would say Dota 2 is mt favorite game, followed closely by Dark Souls and Kingdom Hearts. These games are very challenging to play but are very rewarding and a lot of fun when you master them.'

2. What is the best things about that game?

'In regards to Dota, initially my favorite thing was being able to overcome to incredible challenge of learning the game. When I first started playing I was incredibly shirt and the desire to get better is what drove me to learn the game. Now my favorite thing about the game is how fun drafting a winning team and coordinating with other players how to win the game can be.'

3. What are your most difficult things about that game for you?

'Probably learning all the different hero mechanics. There are 112 playable characters which all play completely differently and need to fulfill unique roles. So learning how to play with and against these characters and outplaying other people who are all doing the same is the hardest thing about the game. As well as managing the stress of having toxic, uncooperative teammates.'

4. What is your Favorite character in the game?

'In Dota my favorite hero is Witch Doctor. He's a support hero and easily my best hero, he can be very powerful and just destroy the enemy team if they don't adjust their play accordingly and being able to outplay people is very satisfying. He is also the first hero I ever played and the one I have practiced the most so I guess that's why he's my favriote. He's also got a cool mask which I am a big fan of.'

5. Which character do you dislike the must?

'Techies. He has no place in Dota and is just completely horrible to play with and against as his entire play-style just ruins the game for 9 other people. I have a friend who plays him fairly regularly and I report him every time.'

6. Have you ever done a gaming tournament with that Dota 2 before?

'No not yet. I would love to though. I participated in a Dota 10v10 tournament at Eurogamer and playing in front of a crowd with commentators was loads of fun and something if I had the opportunity would be something I would be very interested to get involved with.'

7. What advice would you give to someone that hasn't played that Dota before?

'Be patient and stick with it. The first couple of hours are going to be very confusing and demoralizing but if you stick with it and learn the game, it can offer some of the most rewarding game-play experiences ever. Dota is more than a game to me. It is a massive hobby and something I view as almost being like a sport, and no other game has been able to took or engage me in the same way.'

8. What is the worst game you've ever played?

'Probably not the worst game I've played but the most memorable bad game I've ever played was Haze. It was a shooting game I played on the PlayStation 3 and it was just complete shit. Horrible game-play and the dialogue/story was just laughably terrible. The only game I ever refunded.'
Thank you James for talking about your favorite games and giving some advice to new players. It was super interesting. Hopefully one day you might kind yourself as being good enough to be playing a proper tournament.

See you next time for another.


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