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Hey guys! If you didn't know already I do a monthly interview with someone talking about one of their interests. I have done two now and I'm really enjoying it. Really helps me to get to know the person more. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

This week I have a guessed called Emily. Is also has her own blog; you guys should go check that out for sure! She talks about her travels, music and more. I will be interviewing her about what it's like to be a nurse student.
1. What is the course you are studying?

'I study Nursing, specifically Paediatric (or Children's) nursing. Some people often get us confused with nursery nurses and child carers but I'm a medical nurse only dealing with children. I can see how people get confused because I;m not a 'general' nurse but nowadays you have to pick a branch of nursing you want to qualify in - adult, child, mental health or learning disability. It's kinda confusing but you get used to it..'

2. Where are you studying at?

'I study at City University of London and I'm super happy I chose to come here. Living in London is something everyone should experience, not only to do the touristy stuff but all the little other stuff that I've done over the years really makes it worth it. The facilities for nurses in my uni are amazing - we have a few clinical skills suites that are just like fake wards. However, my uni dose lack on the social side - not many societies and events and all that jazz.'

3. How many years is it for? How many years have you done so far?

'I have just completed 2 years and I've got 1 year left. However I won't be a registered nurse until around September 2018 - it takes a while.'

4. What made you want to start the course?

'I chose nursing for a quite a variety of reasons. I believe I've always been quite a caring and compassionate person so nursing was kind of always on my radar because I've wanted to look after people most of my life. It's nice to be the person someone can trust when they really need help. Nursing is one of those careers where you can only be taught so much and most of it is your personality, I believe only certain people can be nurses. Other than that I've always been interested in human physiology and anatomy so I like that side of it as well as the massive amount of career opportunities all over the world it can bring.'

5. What are the things you love most about the course?

'I love the diversity of people and range of conditions you can get to see whilst out on placement in some of the major hospitals in London. Because it's such a big place and the capital as a murse you get to see everything, from the scary to the completely mundane. I also really like the way our course is set out, this is only compared to other nursing courses from different unis in London and their students that I've met along the way. It's difficult to explain the ins and outs but I really think City has thought about it rather than just giving us tons and tons of work without much meaning.'

6. What are things you dislike about it?

'I dislike having to do 12 hour shift patterns and have to revise for exams and write essays all at the same time. It's really difficult to wake up after a long shift and have the energy on your day off to revise or write. But this is all part of the course and although it's difficult you've got to get it done.'

7. If you had any advice for someone thinking about joining the course what would you tell them?

'I could say that it's all fun and games and they'll enjoy every second but that would be lying. So, you've got to be prepared. Make sure this is what you want to do for the right reasons. You've got people's lives in your hands and if you aren't forward thinking and willing to engage in one of the hardest job then don't bother! it is difficult as you've heard, but if it's meant to be, you will get through it just like everyone else and it will be the most amazing thing you've ever done. And good luck!'

8. What has been the most challenging thing you've done so far, that has also been rewarding?

'The most challenging thing I've done so far is any of the emergency situations I've been in. I've been in a few over the years and it definitely makes you think about your training and dose make you relieved you are only a student and cannot go too wrong under supervision of your mentor. They are stressful and scary but these are the most rewarding situations when the patient is finally stable.'

9. Do you feel like it was the right choice for you? If so why?

'Yes! Nursing was definitely the right choice, even through all the hard parts it's where I have felt most able to succeed and belong. Even though I may have been good at A level maths and all that, I didn't enjoy it that much. So to finally find something you enjoy and are good at it's a relief.'

10. What are your plans when finishing the course?

'I plan on moving back home, getting a job in the local hospital on the general children's ward and gain experience. After that I want to travel and look at some other opportunities for nurses there are out there.'

Thank you Emily for answering these interesting questions. I really felt like I got a sense of who you are as a person and what drives you in life. It sounds like it's a really interesting but hard course to do, so I'm glad you are enjoying it.
Emily also has here own blog so you should so go over there and check it out! Here are all her links below so be sure to check those out too..

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See you next time for another.


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