Weekend away | Camping trip

There's something about going away to the countryside that is relaxing. It's quiet and calming, and all you can hear is birds in the trees. Last weekend James and his family and I went camping at Folly Farm just for the weekend. It was just what I needed. It was not only relaxing but a lot of fun too.

On the last night we had watched frozen before we went to bed

Millie and James keeping warm by the fire

James and I on our walk

Getting warm by the fire

For this blog post I just wanted to show you guys the pictures I took when I was there. As I love taking pictures of things around me.

I have always been interested in photography. So when something catches my eye I love to get my phone out and take some pictures. My phone doesn't do the best quality pictures, in the future I am wanting to get a proper camera. All considering I think the pictures turned out well.

Every-time we went out for a walk I saw a lot of picture opportunities so these are my favorite ones that I took.

There you go that was my little blog post showing you guys the pictures I took at the weekend and telling you a little bit of what we got up to. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. Just remember that it's okay to have a little break now and again. It helps to re-energize you ready to go back to life things.

See you next time for another.


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