Cotswold Water Park

Traveling and exploring is one of the best things to do in life, that's why I try and do it at least once a year. This year I have been lucky enough to go to a few different places. Even though the travel has been sort, it's always been fun. This time is was James' 20th birthday. We both went for a couple of days break to the Cotswold Water Park.

The park isn't too far from Cheltenham which is where I live, so the journey was pretty fast. Which I was pretty glad about because I'm not good with long journey's.

Arriving at the park with huge smiles on both of our faces. The place looked lovely and we had a warm welcome. The place that we were staying in was like a little apartment. We were self catering there so that meant we had to bring out own food. Us being us we brought way too much food - rather loads than none at all.

Entrance to the park

View of our apartment from our walk round the lake

View from our apartment of the lake

We found a weird looking Elephant thing, so I told James to pose in it

Staying at the place that is around a big lake of course you have to have a walk around it. That's what we did after we settled in. We found a place to get a map and then we took off. Taking pictures along the way - of course! It didn't take us as long as we thought it would to walk the whole way round. None-the-less we enjoyed ourselves. For dinner later that evening James cooked us both a lovely Chili. We have chili all the time, but that's because James is so good at making it and it doesn't take long to make. Spending time to relax is really important so that's what we did for the rest of the day. We were wanted to go for a late night walk but by the time it got dark enough we were super tired.

James' famous Chili

The second day was James' birthday. We woke up early so I was able to give James his presents from his family and me. We then slowly got ready for the day ahead. We wanted to go on another walk around another lake. On the way we found ourselves at South Cerney where you can go and do water sports. James wanted to go canoeing - not being a good swimming I was hoping for us to not to able to go.  The lady at the counter said we weren't really dressed for it as we were wearing jeans and t-shirt. We went on with our walk and decided after an hour we would go back. We finally managed to get onto the lake after James having to convince me to do so. I have to say it was lovely and relaxing and took some pretty cool pictures - I have to say! We were on the lake for about an hour. For the evening I had booked us to go for a nice meal, as it was a special occasion after all. I had a chicken broth and James had a buffalo burger. The food was so good.

On our walk took so many pictures, but these are the ones I liked the best!

As you can see we were having a great time on the lake

Ready for our romantic meal

View from our meal. Great end to our holiday!

The final day we had to leave early due to check out time. We packed everything the night before. In the morning then we could just take it easy and not rush having to get up.

It was a perfect couple of days. We both loved every second of it and would go again.

See you next time for another.


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