How to start a blog | Tips and advice

There are a lot of bloggers out there, on the other hand there are a lot of people wanting to start blogging. The thing you need to know is where to start. It is the hardest part when starting a blog as you just want to get yourself stuck into it. That's why today I thought I'd share my tips and advice on how to start a blog. Now just before I start I want to make it clear that I am not an expert in this area, I am just a blogger telling you guys what I have learnt from other people and experiences.

First things first, is finding what type of blogger you want to be. You have to think about what interests you and what drives you, what makes you think I want to writ. For me at the start it was all about film reviews and My Geek Box. Over time that did change due to my interest and experiences changing. It's okay to change your mind on what you want to blog about. Once you have found out what type you want to be it'll make it easier to do the other stages. 

For me this part was the hardest, which was coming up with a name. Don't spend too long doing this, otherwise you won't get anywhere. The name needs to be to the point and say what your blog is about. A lot of people just use their own name, which is fine. Coming up with a different blog name for me is more interesting and I feel like it draws people in more. Make sure your name is short. People don't want to be reading out loads of words for just a name of something, it'll put them off. 

You now need to design your blog to how you like it to look and to make it look relevant to what you are wanting to blog about. It needs to be eye catching and would be good to have a logo for your blog too.

This is all of the hard parts done, once you are happy with everything show your friends and family, ask them what they think. After that you need to do an about me page, which should include, introduction, who you are, little bit about yourself and what your blog is about. It's also good to put a picture of yourself on it. You might want to add other pages like a contact page, but this is not needed if you don't want to.

Last thing to do is the fun part! Start by creating your first blog post. Do as much and as little as you want, maybe add some pictures to make your post look more interesting. Once done you might want to share it on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. For me this took time as I wasn't ready to do that until a year into blogging. For you it might be different, just see how you feel.

The main thing to do is enjoy it. Play around with you blog and what you are posting. Don't take it too seriously otherwise you won't enjoy it as much, then this will show in your writing.
So here are my tips into starting a blog. I hope you got at least one thing from this. Let me know in the comments what you found useful when you started blogging.

See you next time for another.


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  2. What website did you use to start your blog?

    1. I use blogger for mine. As I find it easier to use :)

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