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There have been quite a few Spider-Man films in the past and for me, I haven't really felt like I've watched one where I could say this is who Spider-Man is. So as you might be able to tell it came to a bit of a shock to me when watching Homecoming that I felt like I've found him. Not only did I find Spider-Man but Peter Parker too. If you haven't guessed already this is my review of the new Spider-Man film and these are my thoughts.
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Let's start with the plot shall we.. this film starts with Peter Parker filming his experience with clips from Civil War, which we really got the sense of what character Tom Holland was trying to portray. The film then goes onto showing Peter's struggles with his mentor Tony Stark to try and balance his life as an ordinary high school student in New York while fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man when a new threat emerges. He is constantly wanting to be treated like an adult but this back fires when he gets too cocky when on a boat with the villains and supervillains on board splits in half. This is due to an alien weapon made by one of the villains. I felt like the plot line was simple and to the point. They used The Avengers moving day as part of it and it worked really well, this also made sense to everything else that was going on.

Moving on to the characters; of course, let's talk about Tom Holland's character first as he is playing Peter Parker after all. For me, he was the best one yet. I felt like he nailed the balance of young teen and Spider-Man. It looked like he really had fun with his role; which is good as it showed through the character.

Michael Keaton plays the villain in this film. He's been in a lot of films lately and he really did a great job with this one. Probably in my case the best I've seen him act. He plays an evil guy called the Vulture who hates The Avengers for taking away his job from him. In his eyes, he's looking after his family and he doesn't see what he is doing wrong to himself and others. He really does a good job in showing and telling us what this character is about.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a big part in this film, he acts like a father role to Peter as Tony Stark. He explains to Peter that he is a child still and that he shouldn't be taking on such big roles. This then drives Peter to want to do it more. Robert portrays the fatherly role well and as always he brings some great comedy to it too.

For me, all three of these roles stood out the most. I felt like they were the best roles in the film, and to be honest it makes sense why as they are the main characters.

Aunt May is played by Marisa Tomei. This was the first time (that I know of) that I've seen her act. I liked the fact that she is younger as the other films show her as being an old lady. So that was refreshing to see. I did feel like she did a good job in showing how much she cared for Peter but I felt like they overly sexualized her, which in my opinion it wasn't needed. Other than that thought she was great as the May.

Of course, there is always a so called sidekick in super hero films, well in his case 'The guy in the chair' who is Peter's best friend Ned. He is played by Jacob Batalon. He was the comedy role of the film and he did a great job showing that and making it obvious to viewers. Not only that they made him interesting enough and made him have a personality that made him more needed in the film. Sometimes I feel like they add a comedy person into films for the sake of it and that is all they do, but in this film, they did a great job in making him into a loving character.

Everyone knows the story of Spider-man so I liked the fact that they didn't repeat the backstory of Ben dying. That meant that they could just get into the story and really show us what this Peter Parker is all about.

Over all, I loved this film and it is one of those films that I could watch over and over again. This is due to it not only being an easy watch but having interesting characters with a thrilling plotline.

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