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Every two weeks I go to a writers' group and this is one of the things I wrote. I've been wanting to share one of the things I have written, so I am pretty excited to show you guys this.  This piece of writing is a story lightly based on something weird that happened to my little brother years ago.
''We were on an EasyJet plane on our way to sunny Barcelona. The plane was full of noisy excited people. My younger brother Ben and I sat next to each other and in front of us were our parents and our older brother Jonty. Ben and I sat giggling about whatever we thought was funny.

Ben was in the aisle seat. Three rows in front on the other side of the aisle was a small boy who looked a couple of years younger than us. For no reason, he began to stare at my brother with a terrifying scowl. I saw him first and watched as he moved his head to keep my brother in his sights. I nudged Ben to alert him of this. I thought it was hilarious but Ben didn't think the same. He wanted to swap seats with me but I refused as I found it too funny.

The whole performance probably only lasted minutes, but it felt like hours to us. When the plane landed we all got off and the boy made himself scarce.

We enjoyed the rest of our holiday and thought no more about the weird kid with the strange demonic eyes that might have haunted us in the night.

But then there was the return flight. We took our seats and to our horror, the kid was back. This time Ben noticed it first and decided not to inform me of this due to my reaction last time. In time I became aware of him but it wasn't as funny. In fact, I was unnerved.

All this was 12 years ago, I have never been on a flight since without wondering about the scary eyed kid.''
That was my little story. Every since I've been going to the writers' group I have improved my writing skills and confidence. I hope you enjoyed seeing one of the things we write about.

See you next time for another.


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