Death Note | TV show and film comparison

There are a lot of Anime TV shows out there and most of them are pretty good. Death Note is one of them. Netflix recently released a remake of the show in a film. These are my thoughts and comparisons on both of them.
Storylines are normally what keeps the viewer interested as if the story is interesting it makes the viewer want to keep watching. This story is about an intelligent teenage boy who is still in high school that begins to cleanse the world from evil with help of a magical notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written on it. The authorities call upon a mysterious detective known as ''L'' to find out who this so called ''killer'' is.

The TV show was all about keeping you on edge and not knowing what the next move will be. That is one of the best things I loved about the show. The two main characters were always 4 steps ahead of each-other making a lot of good tension. It does a good job in making you root for a certain character. This then gives you purpose for watching the show.

Netflix's version of the show dose the opposite, there is no intelligent character in the film. By the looks of things none of the characters or actors for that matter know what they are doing. You are introduced into the show with an open mind as the trailer looks ''okay'', then out of no where you get this sloppy, bad acting, bad plot line and very boring pointless film. They had a good source materiel right in front of them yet they decided not to use it. Thinking why not go for a completely different idea can only go good or terrible which was their case.

Within the first 2 minutes of watching this film I was already bored. I knew from the start that turning a 2 series TV show into a 2 hour film was bound to have serious pacing problems, but I never thought that everything else such as the writing, the acting and plot line of the film would be worse.

There was no character development and I didn't feel for any of the characters, despite loving them in the show. By the looks of things none of the actors knew what emotion they were going for. Every two seconds I saw a changes in emotions which made the film confusing and unrealistic. Now I know that a film about a book that when you write a name in it, it kills people, but you could at least make the characters feel like people instead of robots trying to intemperate human emotions. Within two minutes the main character Light goes from being scared of the death god Ryuk to being proud of his actions.

Saying these things though I did love the voice acting and the role for Ryuk. Even though he wasn't as good as he was in the show he still was the best part about the film. Not only that, he looked great too! This version of Ryuk is a lot darker. I felt like even though the directing was bad the directer portrayed Ryuk in an interesting way. They hardly ever showed the details in his face making him out to be a creepy figure in the background. This made created tense when watching those scene's. Willem Dafoe was the voice actor and to be fair to him he did a great job considering how bad some of  the lines where at times.

All I'm saying is that this film had so much purtencail and great source materiel that surly it couldn't be that bad. The directer didn't use his great opportunity that he had right in front of him to his advantage. Due to the directors experience of only really doing horror films it showed a lack of ability to direct something that's not.

This film is causing a lot of confliction in the anime community. In my option though it is pretty bad and not worth watching. But be sure to watch it yourselves to make your own option. I would say though to give the anime ago as it is pretty great!

See you next time for another.


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