My NCS Experience

I was offered the great opportunity to go and do NCS. Now for those who don't know what it is, I'll do a little explanation. NCS stands for National Citizens Service. It's for 15-17-year-olds who live in England and Northan Irland to learn skills that they don't teach you in class, create unforgettable memories and to make awesome new friends.
The programme of NCS is to have a few wacky weeks doing varied activities. This ranges from a week learning how to budget and cook for yourselves etc,  to fundraise for a charity of your choice. When our group discussed what charity to raise money for I heavily advocated for the British heart foundation, this involved me pitching the idea to my classmates and persuading them to support this charity, which I was successful in doing so.

Being part of a Musical Theater course at College my classmates and I were put onto a dance course. Our first week we were super lucky enough to go to London and dance with the Mathew Bourne company. We got taught a dance routine to perform and was given the responsibility to choreograph aspects of the performance itself. At the end of the week, we got to perform and show it off. It was honestly for me one of the best experiences I've had, and the first time I felt like I could dance. Because normally I'm terrible.

The second week we and another group were sent to a place to stay for the week. There we were taught how to budget, cook our own food and we went out and about to different places to see what other organisations do. This week made me feel as if I was a bird flying the nest for the first time. Achieving independence for the first time was nerve-racking initially but by the end of the week, the freedom I felt was unparalleled.

Last two weeks were probably the most intense weeks out of the four. Within the two weeks, we had to fundraise for a charity of our choice. With this, we needed to choose what we want to do with raising the money, finding a venue, activities, date and time. The charity event we had organised was a fate for children which had activities such as a bouncy castle, a tombola, cake stalls, as well as performing our dance to the children who attended. The fate was a great success and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time. I was very jealous I wasn't able to participate in the activities because of how much fun everything looked.

A couple of weeks later was our graduation where we got to show the other groups pictures from our time and we were given certificates to show our achievement. We were finally able to perform our dance in front of our friends and families. I was extremely nervous beforehand but as soon as I was on stage these feelings melted away and we were able to perform a successful dance routine. Thank god! It was very rewarding seeing what the other groups were able to achieve through NCS and sharing these varied experiences was fascinating.

Three years on from NCS I often look back on this time as a treasured memory and I implore anyone who is debating whether to participate to DO SO! This experience helped me develop key skills leading into adult life, and create unforgettable memories which will stay with me always.

See you next time for another.


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