21 things that I want to tell my younger self

It's my birthday the today and I have seen a few people do a post about what they would tell their younger self. I love reading them so I thought I would write one myself. Being that I turned 21, makes sense to tell my younger self 21 things. I have gotten to an age now where I am officially in and among adulthood life.

I have learnt a lot of things in my life so far, even though I am still young. I have grown up a lot in the last couple of years. Which has made me look at life with a different perspective. I am enjoying life a lot more now as I feel like I am in more control and I have more of a say with what I do. It feels like I am living - rather than just existing. Which for me is one of the most important things you can do in life.

Most of my life so far has been school and now I am out there in the real world I have been learning so much more. Hopefully, I will keep learning more. I have learnt how to cook, wash clothes, look after myself, budgeting and much more. Now that might not seem much but these skills are super important for life. It's all about taking care of yourself!

1. Whatever feelings that you are feeling at the time are okay and it doesn't mean you will feel like this forever. Yes, some feelings feel better than others but it's what makes us human. Being able to feel all these different feelings is a wonderful part of life. It enables you to empathise and connect with other people better.

2. Friends come and go so don't worry about what people think of you. Just be yourself and if people like you for that then they are your real friends.

3. You can't expect everyone to like you so don't beat yourself up about it. Enjoy the friends you have at the time and make wonderful memories with them.

4. You may fight and sometimes not get on with your family. But when you get older you will no longer argue and you will all appreciate your time together. This will make better memories and your time together more special.

5. Grades don't define you. Yes, you need to do well in your exams. As long as you work hard and put an effort in you'll be fine. They might not be the best results - some of the grades you will be more happy with than the others. Whatever grades you get, take it on the chin and use what you got to do great things in life.

6. Feeling heartbroken from a boy dumping you feel awful. Even more so when they have dumped you just before Christmas. One day in the future you will meet the most amazing guy and he will show you what being in a relationship is really like. He will treat you well, love you and make the most amazing memories with you. Stop looking for a relationship and enjoy your teenage years.

7. Spend more time spending time with your friends instead of worrying about things going wrong. You know deep inside that everything is going to be fine. Go with your gut and you will be thankful later on.

8. Drinking alcohol may look like fun and games. Sometimes it is. Just know your limits and drink plenty of water between drinking. Being drunk is fun until you get a hangover in the morning.

9. Eating 12 bags of crisps a day is bad for you and you know that. Pace yourself, just because you like them it doesn't mean you should eat them all. You will thank me one day when you're not wishing you hadn't eaten all of them.

10. Save up your money instead of spending it all the time for the sake of it. In the future, this may come in handy.

11. You might not like tidying your room now but when you get older you will start to enjoy doing it. Before you know it you'll be tidying your room once a week.

12. It's a good idea to think before you speak. Being honest is a good thing and a good trait of yours so don't stop that. Just think about how you are saying it before you do and think do I need to say this. Think about what benifit you will get out of saying it.

13. Your ''tomboy'' stage will end soon. You'll start to wear makeup and girly clothes. Not all of the time as you still enjoy a men's t-shirt. What you wear doesn't define you, one day you will look like a goth, another you'll look like a girly girl. It doesn't matter your style is whatever clothes you like not the stereotype.

14. Believe in yourself. When you put the work in you come out with the most amazing things. So keep going and remember that you're doing well.

15. Your a very creative person and one day that will show a lot in your personality and benefit you a lot. Keep that close to you and know that it's what makes you special.

16. You haven't got into reading books yet but your writing has improved a lot with going to a writers' group and starting your blog. Just because you have dyslexia it doesn't mean writing and reading will always be so difficult. It'll just take you a little bit longer than everyone else. It's not embarrassing it's just something that's different with your brain and you will learn ways to deal with it.

17. You are loved by many people - whether that's your friends, family or your pet dog Molly.

18. The beach will always be your favourite place. Those memories that you have when you were younger of being so excited to go to the beach will never change and will become apart of you. This is one of the most wonderful things about your life.

19. BE KIND TO YOURSELF! Stop putting yourself down, it doesn't achieve anything and it will only make you feel worse about yourself.

20. When listening to music try typing something random to listen to - you might find a new band that you have never heard of and fall in love with them. This may happen more than once.

21. Enjoy being a child whilst you are still there. Enjoy every moment as it comes. Adult life doesn't mean you start to become a boring person that works all the time. In fact, you get more freedom and find more things about yourself that you never knew before. LOVE LIFE!

21 things I want to tell my younger self was pretty interesting for me to do. I felt like I learnt some things about myself doing it and it really shows who I am as a person.

I would love to know what you would tell your younger self! Comment below.

See you next time for another.


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