5 must see films on Halloween

Halloween is a great time to start getting out your horror films and dressing up in your scariest outfits to try and scare people whilst you trick or treat. For me, though I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies. Saying this though I have seen a few horror films and scary films in my lifetime. These are top 5 horror films that I think you must see around Halloween.

Let's kick this list off with a classic film that you can either watch around Christmas time or Halloween or if you're like me, both. Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic film which is good for the whole family. It's one of those films that is visually pleasing and gives a good message throughout the film. You follow a sad skellington who is no longer happy scaring people all the time and wants a change. You see his struggles when trying to tell his friends all about his dream and what he wants to do.

Sticking with the musical theme Sweeney Todd is something that I can watch over and over again. With catchy songs that tell the complex story, whilst keeping you engaged with interesting characters and their development. It is a gothic horror musical all about a guy called Sweeney Todd wanting to get his revenge on people from his past. This film is thrilling to watch and never gets boring the more you watch it.

Going back to a classic film to watch around Halloween time is Scream. Most of all the first one as the others are pretty similar to it. It's a horror film and from it's time it was a unique storyline. It's about a serial killer who wears a mask, going round to different peoples' houses and murdering them. It's a dark film with some great jump scares. It's a great film for a Halloween party/evening if you are having one.

The woman in black is about a woman who died in a mansion that had her child taken away from her. She now haunts people that come to visit the house and children that live in the local village nearby. A man travels to the remote village where he discovers the Woman in Black ghost, he then enfolds her backstory and finds the reason for her haunting people. This story is a 12 so it's a great film for young people to watch if you are wanting to watch a Halloween film as a family. This film has a lot of jump scares and keeps you on edge throughout.

If you like horror films then you would probably like The Purge. It's a great horror film that really makes you think about what you would be like in that situation. The film is about one day a year for all laws to be legal just for 24 hours. Nothing is off limits and it's all about trying to survive that day. Some people don't take part and lock themselves away, others get right into it. You follow the story of one family whos experience of the Purge goes downhill in one night.

These are my movie recommendations to watch on the scary night of Halloween if you dare!

See you next time for another.


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