First time to an Arboretum | Playing around with my new camera

I have done a lot of wonderful things for my birthday this year, one of them being treated to a day trip out to an arboretum. I had never been to one before so I was pretty excited when James suggested we would go for my birthday.

The day we had was wonderful as it was such a peaceful place. We walked a lot, ate good food and sat to look at the view. We spent the whole day there and if you haven't been there before I would recommend it if you are into walking.

There's not much for me to say far as what we did there but I did take a lot of pictures of the day. Which I will show you in this blog post. You will get to see the beautiful colours of the leaves and happy smiles from us. I love taking pictures, it's a hobby of mine. Getting my new camera from James for my birthday was great as that meant the pictures from the day were amazing quality. I am still getting to grips with the phone though so there is still room for improvement.

Pictures of what you can see before you get into the Arboretum

This tree really shows how big all the trees were, and this was one was one of the smaller ones

James said he wanted his tattoo in the picture! Testing out the front camera. Worked well and was very easy to use.

All the paths that you walk along were long and windy

There were some hidden details around the place

The names of these trees were so hard to pronounce

Posing as always. I felt like the camera did well with capturing my face as well as what was around

Close up pictures can pick up the detail on a camera more. It makes a pretty looking picture too which I'm pretty happy with!

Walking past these trunks I had to take a picture as they look very interesting

I love looking into reflections. This one you can see the branches of a tree from above

The only animals we saw in the woods

Can you spot James?

The colours popping out of the red tree is really beautiful

These are the pictures I took of the day. It was a lovely peaceful day and I had a lot of fun playing around with my new camera.

We had a day of good food, long walks and a lot of laughs. It's always good to get out and have some fresh air. James and I felt like it was a place that we would go again in a different session. It was a lovely place that I think everyone should go to at least once in their lives.

See you next time for another.


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