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James my fiance and I watch a YouTuber called I Hate Everything. He talks a lot about films, mainly about how much he hates a certain film. Now and again he'll suggest films that he loves. Manchester by the sea was one of them. We thought as he thinks it's a good film and that it's on Amazon Prime, we might as well give it a watch.

Manchester by the Sea is about a man called Lee Chandler who is a very irritable, lonely man who works as a handyman for a Boston apartment block. One wet winter day he gets a call summoning him to return to his hometown. His brother's heart has given out suddenly and he's been named the guardian to his 16-year-old nephew. Losing his only sibling and having doubts about raising a teenager wasn't enough for him, he has to return to his past as it re-opens an unspeakable tragedy.

This isn't the happiest of films so you might want to bring the tissues. Following Lee, as you see his struggles in life, really makes you feel each emotion that this guy is going through. Even though Lee isn't the most likeable character, you still find reasons to like him. I find this really made you want to watch more. At the start of this film, I was really unsure, as I didn't know what to expect and I had never seen that kind of directing before. Saying this, by the end of the film I felt like it was a must see!

Camera angles in films/TV are super important to make the viewer see what the director wants them to see and you can also tell a lot about each character by the different angles you use. I know enjoying the camera angles in a film is weird, but they were super interesting and really showed what a hard life Lee was living.

Lee Chandler is played by Casey Affleck who if you didn't know is Ben Affleck's brother. I had never seen him act before, in-fact most of the cast (other than one) I hadn't seen act before. He was the star of the show. As he should be being the main character. I was super impressed with what this actor could do. He managed to make us feel sorry for a guy that is a bit of a dick. His character is socially awkward and doesn't like people that much. He doesn't intend on hurting people and he wants to do what's right, but it doesn't always go to plan for him.

Joe Chandler is played by Kyle Chandler. He is the well-loved brother that everyone seems to know. He is everyone's favourite guy. Kind-hearted family man. He is the brother of Lee so this adds a lot of pressure to Lee's life and people's expectation of him. Even with the illness that Joe has, he is still in good spirits.

The nature of the film is so easily rewound if I went into any more detail about what this film is about. Being such a good film it would be a kind of insult to it for me to go on even more. So I will end with this and say that I enjoyed it very much so.

There you go my thoughts on this GREAT film! If you've seen it before I would love to know your thoughts, and if you haven't give it a try. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

See you next time for another.


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