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The other day I got the chance to run my first workshop and lucky for me it was about blogging. Now I am no expert but I decided to do it on How to start a Blog. I did it based on things I have learnt from starting blogging myself. It was an experience that I never thought I would get the chance to do in my lifetime. I was so nervous about it, that I didn't think I would do it. I'm so glad I did! I did the workshop on how to start a blog.

The reason why I was able to do this workshop was because at my work Create on the Square we do workshops every Wednesday. Due to one of the directors not being there I was asked to run a workshop in their place. It was all about teaching other people something that they might not know about.

Blogging is one of those things that is getting very popular and more businesses are using it. Even though there are still thousands of people that don't know what blogging is, it is getting more well known as each day passes. More people are starting to create them too.

I felt like it went really well. I do think I could have been better in some ways. As it was my first one I felt like I was a bit all over the place at the start but after that, I felt like my confidence grew. I got a lot of engagement from the people who attended. That made me feel more at ease and I felt useful. I managed to answer their questions as best as I could. At the end of the workshop, I asked them views on how they thought it went. They said they got a lot from it, which I was super happy with.

The things I learnt throughout the workshop is that I need to come up with more things for them to do. As I did more talking and it was more like a presentation. Regardless of this though no one complained about it, so I don't think it was a huge deal.

If you are someone that might be running a workshop soon or is thinking of doing one. I would say that before you do one make sure you know what you are talking about. Do some research into your workshop making sure what you are saying is correct. Come up with things for them to do and discuss. But make sure the activity is relevant to your workshop and doesn't take up more time than you want it to. Plan each slide with a time limit depending on how long your workshop is for. Mine was for an hour so I did each slide for 5 minutes. This helps to stop yourself from waffling on.

I hope you got something from this blog post. If you have any more questions on how to start one, comment below or contact me on my social media.

See you next time for another.


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