What I do to help myself get out of a bad mood

Being in a bad mood is one of those things that stops you from achieving your best. It takes away your motivation, energy and stamina to keep going. It's not always a bad thing getting into a bad mood. It's all about learning how to deal with it, as time goes on you will learn your ways with doing so. It's a normal emotion everyone feels from time to time and there is no way of stopping it. There are ways though in decreasing that bad mood. Not only decreasing it but shortening it down to a smaller period.

Don't put yourself down for being in a bad mood - it'll only make it worse. Do things that you love, enjoy and lifts you up, in order to lift your mood. Here are ways that I find useful to help with my bad moods. So if you are stuck finding your ways - try out these and see what works for you. You might be surprised.
Take yourself away

First things first take yourself away from what is causing you this bad mood. As staying in a situation that is causing the problem never solves anything. Get up, stretch your legs and come back to whatever you were doing five minutes later. That way when you are not giving up your just giving your mind a bit of a break. This helps your mind to come back fresh and out-minded. It's great when you have gotten stressed over a problem.


I am not one that goes to the gym or any form of hard exercise. Don't feel like that's what you have to do. Something as simple as walking for 10 minutes a little faster than you normally would. Or going for a light jog. This helps to release hormones in your body which will help you be able to calm down and really take in the fresh air. You can do anything from a H.I.T workout to walking. Doesn't matter as long as you get your body moving it'll help with your mental health and your body in general. 
Time to yourself

Taking time to make yourself feel good is super important. Whether that's putting on a face mask, having a bath or watching a funny film whilst in your most comfy pyjama's. If your like me and like the sound of all of these things, why not do them all. Most importantly do something you love that won't put a lot of strain on your body and mind. It's all about keeping your body in a relaxed state of mind. 
Talk to someone

Sometimes I feel like life gets a bit too much so talking to someone about something that I am going through really helps. Pick up the phone. Ask a friend to come round. Doesn't matter. Just talking to someone helps you to make sense of the situation and you really get an understanding of it all. It can make you see whether it's important or not. Having someone else tell you things in a different light makes the situation less bias, therefore you can see it for what it really is. 


I am still new to meditation and still learning. I find it super useful still and the more I have been doing it the better I have been sleeping. It's great to do it just before bedtime and when you're stressed. It clams the body right down informing it that your not in danger. Your heart rate will go down and you will start to feel better after a couple of minutes. It's strange at first but once you get the hang of it it's great! I suggest using an app or look up YouTube videos on how to do it if you are a beginner. 

There you go things I use to help me get out of a bad mood. I hope you got something out of this. It really helped me by writing all of this down so now if I feel rubbish I can look back on this and pick one that I would like to do.

See you next time for another.


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