Best Christmas Smells | Blogmas day 15

Christmas time has to have the most wonderful smells that come out. You get a lot of festive and warm smells that really make you feel like you are home. Some smells bring the family together. Others allow you to curl up next to a fire and watch a film. Smells allow you to remember the good times in your life. Here are my Christmas smells that I love the best.

Roast dinner

I am a lover of food and roast dinners have to be my favourite meal. At Christmas time we do the whole thing. Everything has to be big and better. This is the one thing that really brings the family all together to enjoy something. You get the amazing smells and taste of the food and it brings everyone so much joy.

Scented candles 

The best candles come out at Christmas time of year. I love ones that smell of fresh berries. They make your house smell warm and cosy. It really feels inviting and clam. Candles are great for helping you to de-stress and allow you to relax after a long day.

New clothes

I love getting new clothes. Even though Christmas isn't the only time I get new clothes it is a time where most people do. The smell and feel of new clothes are so lovely and fresh. I feel very clean when I put them on. 

Christmas tree

Do you have real Christmas trees at Christmas time? I have before and the smell of the fresh pine is lovely. Even though the smell isn't very strong it's still lovely. Really feels like a Christmas smell. Not only this but the trees really make the house look very festive and homely. I wish there was a tree that you could have up all year round. 


I love treats and even more so at Christmas time. The smell of chocolate and sweets when you open the wrappers. Or the smell of freshly baked goods that warm you up inside. I am more of a savoury person but I do love sweet treats from time to time. 

See you next time for another.


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