Best things about Christmas | Blogmas day 5

Christmas is a really happy time of year and there are so many great things about it. Even though it can be stressful at times, it still has a lot of wonderful things to be happy about. I love Christmas time and I have my own things that I love best about it. I thought I would share with you the best things are Christmas.

Family time

It's the one time of year where my family all come together. We play board games, eat good food and have a right laugh. We share gifts and celebrate a magical time together. I love it! Due to my family living all over England, it's hard to get us all together, so it's nice being able to do that. It makes Christmas time extra special. 

Yummy food

Roast dinners are so lush. They have to be the best part of Christmas, roast potatoes, fresh meat and veg. Oh and gravy to top it off. With all of this, you get yummy sweet treats. Lots of chocolate to eat whilst you watch a Christmas film.

Christmas films

Christmas films always have that magical feel about them. They make you feel all warm inside. I find that it's a great way of relaxing and allows you to escape reality for a bit. My favourite Christmas film is The Grinch. I feel like each Christmas film has a great message to take away with.  I think this makes the films more special and gives you a loving feel inside. 

Christmas decorations

When your place is looking all festive you really get into the Christmas spirit. I find that when your house and everything around you looks festive it makes the perfect environment. Instead of buying your decorations, making them adds a lot of love into your house. I find you save a lot of money too.

Time to relax

Even though Christmas time can be stressful after you've brought the presents, eaten the food you can put your feet up and relax. Put your feet up in the evening and put a Christmas film on. You can end the evening with a bath. Even though there is a lot going on during the day it's still as important to take time in the day to relax. Doesn't matter when or for how long. It's important to relax and have time to breath. 

Time for giving

Giving presents is one of the main things you do at Christmas time. You can teach children how to give to people and share. Saying that presents aren't the only thing you can give. Hugs are great and they really help with people's mental health. Hug and kiss your family and tell them you love them. You could just make their day. 

See you next time for another.


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