Christmas Day Board Games | Blogmas day 12

This time of year is when your family comes together to hang out and have fun. You eat lots of food, enjoy the company and open presents. Each year my mum buys our family a new board game to play. I really enjoy this as it makes the day fun. It's one of our traditions that I hope will never change. It can be hard to find a fun board game to play with the family though. That's why I have come up with a list of board games that I enjoy playing at Christmas time. I hope this helps some of you.

For those that like strategy games Risk is a great one. I would say this board game is more for the older children. As it takes a lot of concentration and time. It's a fun game to play and takes a lot of work for you to be able to win. The idea of the game is to conquer the world with your army.

Monopoly is a game that any age can play. It is a long game but it's simple. What we normally do is get some Christmas snacks ready and drinks. I find this keeps you going throughout the game. The idea of this game is to get properties and do some trading to try and win the game.

If you have a lot of couples coming to your Christmas day or a party that you are having, the game Mr and Mrs is a great one. It's a test to see what couple knows each other best. I love this game and I find it a great laugh. We have played it the last couple of years now and each time it's been different.

Trivia is a knowledge-based game that the whole family can get involved with. Some questions are easier than others. If we have too many players we do teams with and it makes the game even more competitive. There are a lot of games that are similar to this so if you like question games and you can't find this one you can get one that is near enough the same.

How well do you know your Logo's? The logo game is a great one to play. You get asked a series of questions to see how well you know your Logo's. The first time we played this game as a family we all got really involved and it spiced up the evening a lot after having a big roast dinner.

I love mystery films and TV shows. The aim of the Cludo is to try and figure out who the killer is, what weapon did they use in what room. It's a lot of trial and error. It's simple and fun to play. This has to be one o my favorite board games ever! So, of course, that's why I would recommend it to you.

These games so far need 2-4 players. But Guess who only needs two. If you have a small family and only a couple of people want to play it's a great game for that. It doesn't require much space or preparation. It's a fun, quick game to do it. If your family is full of short attention spans then this is a great game for you.

Love words, spelling and points? Scrabble is a great game. You can also do it in teams if you would like to. It doesn't take too long to play and the person who has the most points wins. So not a hard concept to get your head around.

See you next time for another.


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