Christmas Day Games | Blogmas day 9

Before Christmas day has even arrived you have spent loads of money and then there's not a lot to do on the day. You've opened your presents, eaten the food and now what? Well instead of spending loads of money on buying a board game why not save your money and play games that don't need you emptying your wallets.

I am a huge fan of games on Christmas day. I find that it brings a lot of fun to the day and allows you to socialize with your family without having to make loads of effort. It really brings the family together. The games that I will be telling you about are the ones that I have played so many times before - they work so well.

Pictionary is a great game. Just grab a pen, paper and blue tack. Write some things that (people can guess) down on little bits of paper. Such as an aeroplane, fish and trampoline.  Put them into a bowl of some kind. When you've got into teams get one person from each team to choose one bit of paper from the bowl and get them to draw it on a piece of paper that you have put up on the wall for everyone to see. There are different ways people play this game but this is the way I do it and the first team to guess it right wins a point. It's a fun game and only needing paper and pens. 

20 questions and only being able to ask yes or no questions. You write down on a piece of paper a name of someone famous and put it on another person's forehead. Then they have to ask yes or no questions in order to figure out who their person is. I find that this game makes me laugh a lot. You can even use this game as an ice breaker for an event that you are doing. It's fun and easy to do.

Charades is a game that doesn't involve you to have anything other than yourself. To make it Christmasy I say do Christmas themed. To make it more fun doing it in teams and having points. This way the winner gets something like a selection box. If you are having a Christmas party I find that this game is great for that. As it's easy again and only requires people to join in. 

Everyone loves music right? Well, this game is naming the carol. Play 10 seconds of a song and get people to guess the name of the Christmas song. To make it harder and to earn more points get them to guess who the singer is as well. This game makes me feel super Christmasy. It gives you a chance to really show that you know your music.  

If you've got children then this game is great. It's like pin the tail on the donkey but it's pin the nose on Rudolph. You can just draw and cut out the nose and Rudolph yourself. You can even get the children to do it during the day ready for the evening. It's another easy game to play and any age can play. 

See you next time for another.


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