Christmas goals | Blogmas day 8

I love setting goals for when I do things. Seeing as I love doing that I wanted to set my goals for Christmas time. These will be realistic goals that I want to achieve. I am someone that when I make a goal no matter how big or small it is I feel great when I achieve it. It makes me feel like I am doing things and getting things done.

My first goal is to have my room decorated and finished by Christmas time. James and I are moving in together and I want the room completed so we can just relax over Christmas time. Also, haven't had my room decorated in years so this is a great chance to change this up. I'm changing the colours on the walls and moving everything around.

Another goal of mine is to draw something that's festive. I am really into drawing and I love to draw at the end of the day. Something I have never done though is draw something that is Christmasy - so I am hoping that this year I will do that.

I find that as each year goes by that presents are getting more and more expensive. So this year I have set a goal to make someone a gift. This will not only save money but it will have a lot of thought into the gift and love. Making the gift just that little bit more special.

I love to bake so this year I would love to bake something Christmasy to share with my family. I will ask my mum (as she loves to bake) what recipe I should do. I hope we can bake something together. It'll be a lovely thing to do with someone.

This year I have really got into photography so I am hoping around Christmas time that I take some wonderful pictures. I hope that I learn a new technique that will help to develop my photography in the future.

See you next time for another.


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