Christmas Tradition | Blogmas day 17

People have different traditions around Christmas time. I love traditions as it gives you something to look forward to. It allows you to also prepare for the time ahead. It saves a lot of time, even more so around Christmas time. I thought I'd share my Christmas Tradition.

Normally people have there Christmas on 25th December but because my brothers live in different places it's a lot harder to fit everyone in on that day. This year we are having it on 28th. Due to getting all my family together. We do this thing called Secret Santa. Which for those of you that don't know what it is, it's where you pick a name out of a hat and that person you will buy a present for on the price range that you have all came up with. We do it a bit differently where my dad will sort out who has who on his app he has and before he dose so we message him telling him what we want within the price range of £10.

The day would start off with us having a nice breakfast and preparing the Christmas dinner. When waiting for the dinner which is normally around 1-2 we sit and chat and do what we want. When dinner is done we then play a game that my mum has brought that comes with the Christmas crackers normally. After that we have a mince pie and drinks then a board game of some kind.  We also go to see the new Starwars film.

In James' house there is no Secret Santa. They just buy presents like what you would do normally on a traditional Christmas. We would wake up and open the stockings have breakfast. Then start to open the presents which normally finishes just before we have Christmas dinner. Then once Christmas dinner is over we play a game like we do at my house but normally it's something music related just trying to make a tune with bells. It's quite funny and entertaining. When that's all done we chill and chat till we go to bed.

See you next time for another.


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