Gift Guide for Him | Blogmas day 20

I may not be a boy but I have brothers and know a bit about what they like. Due to this, I thought I would help some of you out that are struggling to get a friend, partner or sibling a gift at this time of year. The time is getting closer and there aren't many days left so this should speed up your looking around process. I hope this makes it easier for you.


This time of year Starwars gets a huge hype due to the new films coming out. If they are a huge fan of it then why not treat them to the Starwars battlefront game. It's a fun online game where they can play it for hours. Or if they are not into games why not treat them to the films and ask to watch them with you. I'm sure they would love a movie night with you.


It's winter and cold. If you have noticed this person doesn't have a nice coat to wear out - why not buy them one. Black is always a good colour choice too for a coat as it goes with everything. Instead of getting them something that you don't know they would like. Get them something that they need and a coat is something everyone needs at this time of year. 


Everyone loves music right? Well, why not treat them to Spotify Premium. It's £10 a month and you could buy him like 3 months for something. It'll get him unlimited music to watch with no adverts. It's a great deal and doesn't cost much at all. If you know he likes a certain band or singer why not get him a CD or concert tickets so you can both listen to them together?

Here you go a couple of ideas to help you out at this hectic time of year. 

See you next time for another.


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