My cosy winter evening | Blogmas Day 3

People associate winter with the cold, dark and miserable evenings that are short and tiring. For me, this isn't the case as I love the winter as you get to cosy up, wrap up warm and relax more in the evenings. I also find that I sleep for longer due to the sun not coming up so soon in the morning.

I find that in the winter it's a lot easier for me to relax, others find this hard as they are too cold. I thought I would share with you my cosy winter evening with you. It helps to relax, sleep well and to enjoy the cold.

My cosy winter evenings start off with getting my PJ's on, if I know I'm not going out for the rest of the day. I find that I can relax better when I'm in comfy clothes. So getting into my nice warm PJ's and dressing gown, making myself feel nice a cosy.

When I feel warm enough for the evening ahead I start to get hungry so I make dinner. Something warm and inviting like a chilli or a curry is what I love to have. Not only are these foods filling but they are great for someone that likes to food prep. If I know I have got a busy week I will either slow cook my dinner or cook it before and freeze it until I am ready to eat it. This saves me a lot of time and gives me more time to relax.

After dinner, I love to put on a scented candle and watch something that I am into at the time. I love to get into a programme that I can binge. It's normally The Walking Dead that I watch as I love that show so much and I can watch it again and again.

If I am feeling too cold I will have a relaxing bath with bubbles and with a lush bath bomb that I have. With this, I love to watch and catch up on YouTube. I don't like to be in a bath longer than 10/20 minutes. I find that YouTube videos are that kind of length of time.

By the time I get into my room after my bath my room smells amazing from my candle. This is when I like to paint my nails whilst watching something in the background. I love having my nails painted. Feels so strange when I don't paint them. When I've painted them and they are dry I love to draw. This helps to keep myself calm and relaxed. So I put on some music and draw something. I only like to do up to an hour on this.

When I have done all of that I end my evening listening to music before I go to sleep. I love being super relaxed in the evening as it helps me to sleep better.

What do you do on your winter evenings?

See you next time for another.


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