Stocking fillers | Blogmas day 4

Stocking is a great thing to get for Christmas, as it's always filled with nicnacs. Some people find this hard because they don't know what kind of small stocking gifts they should give someone. For me I think about what is it someone really needs and what can I get them that is practical too. It's not about getting loads of expensive gifts, it's about getting small and well-priced gifts. Hopefully, this blog post will help as I'm going to be giving you a couple of ideas that will hopefully get you thinking. It doesn't mean at all that I know the best gifts to put into a stocking, it's just ideas. So if you have better ones then go for that.


Let's start off with a stocking filler that some people consider a ''lame'' gift. In my eyes, though I think it's great for stockings. Underwear, such as socks and pants. You can get the cutest, fluffiest socks that they can wear around on Christmas day. Or you could get them festive underwear to complete their festive look. Not only do these gifts go well in a stocking but they can wear them all year round. You don't have to get ones that are Christmas themed. 


Calender's and diaries are great for organisation and for someone that loves to keep a record of plans. I am one of those people. I love having a small diary that I can fit into my bag and write my plans down so I don't forget. You don't have to spend loads of money on this either, which is great. If you know the person well then you can get one that really shows their personality. Calender's are a different way of jotting down your plans. Also, hanging one on your wall looks like a great piece for the room. You can even get one for the whole family so you can have it hanging up in the Kitchen so everyone can jot down what they are doing, and know what everyone else is doing.

Activity books

Little things to do are great for around Christmas time. I always loved getting a Wordsearch or a Suduku. I think these are great stocking fillers as they are something to do and different to other gifts that you might get for that person. Maybe you're planning a holiday trip next year, how about getting them a colouring book for the flight? On the other hand, you might have a child that doesn't like to sit still when waiting for dinner and after dinner. So an activity book is great to keep them busy. This is not saying, however, that adults wouldn't enjoy these books. Personally, I think they would too. 

Gift cards

If you know someone that loves food, shopping or the cinema then a gift card is great! You don't have to put loads of money into it. It's more of a contribution towards the time out of the house for them. The gift cards are great to fill up stockings and it means that person has something to look forward to after Christmas. An event that they can do with someone. 


Treats are great to have around Christmas time and that's something that you can put into their stocking. If you know their favourite chocolate or sweets. If they don't like sweet treats maybe give them something that they love but they can't have all year around. You can go to Poundland for these treats as well. At Christmas time Poundland does great treats to put into stockings. Saves a lot of money and saves time finding a place which will sell them. 

My idea of stockings is that you don't spend loads of money and it's little things. It's not their main gift. You can have the main gift in their if you like. 

I hope you have gotten a little more of an idea of what you can put into the stockings this year.

See you next time for another.


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