Winter Pampering | Blogmas day 16

It's important to look after yourself and even more so in the winter as the weather can really do damage to your skin. To help with this having a winter pampering is a really good way of doing this. You can look after your skin whilst at the same time relax. You don't have to go all out to do this or spend loads of money. Just make it as affordable as you can make it.

Face mask

Clean your face and put a nice refreshing face mask on. It'll leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and restored. It's great when you've had a long day. It revives your skin and replenishes. It's really good for opening up your paws and cleansing your face. I love using fruit scented ones.

Hot bath

I love having baths with lots of bubbles and hot water. It makes me feel relaxed at the end of the day. If I am feeling stressed it seems to take that away. I always put on a film or TV show so I can watch something as I relax. As I am a huge fan of Lush I love using one of their bath bombs. It really makes the bath smell and look amazing! 

Painted nails

I always feel better when I've painted my nails. As it's Christmas time it's great to have festive looking nails. It leaves your nails looking great and then you don't need to do anything with them on the big day. 

See you next time for another.


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