Back To The Future Trilogy | Film Review

I am a huge fan of the Back to the Future, in fact, it's my favourite trilogy. It's funny, heartwarming and has developed characters and storyline. The films have simple storylines that use the progression of the characters to tell the story. The films make you connect with the characters on an individual level.
The first film gives a great introduction to what characters you are going to be dealing with throughout the trilogy. They introduce the characters in a simple way that allows you to understand what is going on without having to think too hard. The reason why it worked so well is that you don't want to be sitting through a film and half an hour through still not understand what's going on. The film introduces each character at a time showing straight away what type of person they are.

The second film follows a similar storyline but with a few twists. Normally when films follow the same storyline it's boring but this wasn't at all. They change the right amount of things and add new interesting things to the mix - such as the town being destroyed and everything the opposite of how things were the first time they went to 1955. The challenge in this film is to stop all the bad changes happening in Mcfly's present time.

The last film went for a completely different time frame. Doc nearly gets killed by Budford. Mcfly then feels that it's his duty to go back in time to stop the event from happening. This is the first time you see Doc fall in love and have a family. As he gets so used to his new life and loves it. This then makes Mcfly have to decide to leave him where he's happy. The way they do this is amazing as you can feel the reluctance that Mcfly has, at the same time you can tell he knows that it's time for it to happen.

All these films combined are fun, exciting and sometimes bonkers. It works so well. Okay, it didn't have to be a trilogy - I love the fact it is. It brings the perfect trio. It's a trilogy that I could watch over and over again.

The reason why I didn't go into too much depth with the storyline of these films is that if you haven't seen it before then it would take away that first watch experience.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

See you next time for another.


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  1. I loves these films too, great memories of watching these with friends when they first came out...many years ago! I watched one over Christmas, still love them today.

    1. Aww that's so lovely. It's the type of films that you can watch forever!

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