Things I did in 2017

2017 what a year. It's been a year of ups and downs, but overall, it's been amazing. I've done so much stuff like trying new things, going to new places and hanging out with the people I love. Each year I have done a blog post on the things I have done in the past year. Here is it all the things I did from January to December of 2017.

  • I went to see the Woman in Black with Alice and Steph. I had never seen it before but I loved it. I had seen the film before so I knew what to expect but it's so much better than the film.
  • Started nannying - I looked after two beautiful boys.
  • Went to berry island on a Sunday with James and his family. I love going back to places like this. Even though it was a wet cold day we had the best time. 
  • I learnt how to play the Ukulele. I loved it so much that I have brought my own and I still play it now. 
  • I hit 10,00 views on my blog - (I know this is technically not something I did, but I'm so chuffed)
  • Alice and I made some lush cakes which I want to make again. They had caramel inside and on top of them.
  • Mine and James' 4th Anniversary and he treated me to a cooked breakfast. We never like making a huge deal out of it but we like to spend time together. 
  • For James' grandad's birthday, we went away for the weekend in Cirencester. It was a lovely weekend away that was needed. 
  • After too many years I got to see my Welsh bestie. It was the best weekend - she came round mine and I showed her where I live. I didn't want it to end.
  • Went out for dinner for my neighbours birthday. 

  • For Christmas James and I had a treat from his mum to go away to Bath for the weekend. Bath is one of my favourite places in England. I would go back there all the time if I could.
  • Emmanuel my neighbours baby had a Christening. It was lovely and cute.
  • I tired graffiti for the first time.

  • Alice and I went on a girly date to Frankie and Bennies. It was a lovely evening and we had a right laugh.
  • I went to see the play showstoppers with another friend of mine Sherly. I laughed so much.
  • My mum and I went to Cherish. Which is a Christen event. It was my first time - I'm not a Christian but I love learning about those things. Plus it was some mother and daughter time.
  • Went and worked at the business show at the Racecourse.

  • My best friends Alice and Paige and I went to Disneyland Paris. We had the most amazing time and I wouldn't have changed it one it. I want to go again.
  • Alice and I made use of the nice weather and had a picnic in Cheltenham town. What a beautiful day that day.
  • Went camping for a weekend with James' family.

  • It was James' 20th birthday so he and I had a romantic weekend away at the Cotswolds Waterpark. 
  • Alice's birthday is also in the same month. Alice, Paige and I went out for some drinks and dancing. 
  • Went out for drinks with some of my work colleagues.
  • Ran my first clothes swap. 
  • I volunteered at a Science Centre and learnt a lot about Dinosaurs. 


  • I met Joe (who is one of my best friends) girlfriend for the first time. Me, him, James and Marianne all went to the park and got to know her more. We also ate great food.
  • I experienced my first escape room. It was part of my works team building and we managed to escape with 5 minutes to spare.
  • Joined Slimming World.
  • Went to the first Wagamama's in Cheltenham.
  • Went Rock Climbing with my dad.


  • I met my inspiration Louise Pentland at the Literature festival in Cheltenham. I nearly cried. 
  • James and I got another tattoo. (No not matching ones)
  • First time being on TV. 
  • Went to see a play called Wait till Dark.
  • Saw American Assassin. 
  • It was my birthday this month and James treated me by going to an arboretum. What a wonderful day it was. I love walks!
  • Got a new camera and now I can't put it down.
  • Dressed up as Negan from the walking dead for Halloween.


  • Due to not being able to see Alice and Paige on my birthday, we celebrated it by going for a nice meal and cocktails.
  • Took pictures for my first event.
  • Hand-made an advent calendar.

  • We did our first Christmas on the square. Where I live there have never been a Christmas lights switch on before and I was apart of organising that.
  • Went to a bath bomb making workshop with my mum.
  • Experienced snow - we haven't had snow in a lot of years.
  • Had two Christmas work do's. 
  • We had a wonderful Christmas. James and I spend the whole of Christmas together. Spend time with family, friends and played a lot of board games. It was really relaxing. 

See you next time for another.


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