Thor Ragnarok | Film Review

Films are a huge part of my life. I love watching them a lot - with friends and family. It's something that I am very passionate about too. I did Media GCSE and I loved it. I know Thor has already been and gone in the cinema but I didn't get a chance to do a review on it. To get back into the swing of things I thought Thor Ragnarok would be a great film to review.
Thor Ragnarok is about Thor being imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finding himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok and the destruction of his home. Thor was imprisoned and finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk. This story-line was fun to watch and had a lot of funny moments. I felt like it was a lot more laid back than the other Marvel films - which a lot of people don't like. But I did because it takes me back to reading the comic books and how they are so much fun.

This film has its own unique look. It's brightly coloured with great costumes. It really gives you an idea of what the place would look like in real life. It's very pleasing to the eye and gives you a brightly coloured comic book feel.

Thor goes through the struggle of battling his sister whilst also making sure his brother isn't up to no good. He finds himself fighting against his friend The Hulk. On top of everything his dad is dying and won't help him to save his home. He is a strong character that sometimes lets his own feelings cloud his judgement. He is always wanting to save people which sometimes results in him not looking after himself.

Loki - Thor's brother is hiding in the same place Thor is imprisoned at. Pretending that he doesn't know who Thor is to protect himself. Loki is selfish and wants a lot of power. Despite these things he loves his brother and doesn't want to see him die. He finds his brothers pain exciting when it's himself doing it.

Hela is Thor's a Loki's long-lost sister who has come back to Asgard to destroy the lie their farther has told everyone. She gets a lot of power and takes over Asgard. She is out for revenge and won't stop for anything until she gets what she wants. I feel like she is a great villain but I felt like her reason for being evil wasn't very good or believing.

Overall I felt like the film looked and felt amazing. They used great music which really added a fun element to the film. It really felt like it was from a comic. It's a film that I would recommend to you guys to watch.

See you next time for another.


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