Why I didn't completed Blogmas

Blogmas was something that I had never tried before. I had seen loads of people do it and I thought it looks quite fun. I had done a thing like that before where I did the A-Z challenge. It was hard work but enjoyed it. 2017 is the year I thought I would love to do Blogmas. I had a look around the see what blog posts I would like to do and try to come up with some on my own. I did a bit of a plan with when I was going to post certain blog posts.
You might be asking how come I have not completed Blogmas if I planned so much and I was prepared. Well... I started off really strong. I was loving it. Posting blog posts every day. I had a really good first week. I was enthusiastic in the way I was writing and I felt like I was coming across well. The second week started off strong too - then I fell a little bit.

The struggle was because I was losing motivation. I was trying too hard to just push through but as I got to day 20 I couldn't carry on. I was forcing out words. It wasn't great at all - I was bringing out content that wasn't very good. I wasn't proud of what I was doing anymore.  That made me come to the conclusion that I must stop. I have always said if you aren't enjoying something and you are having to force yourself to do it, no point in carrying on.

Regardless of this, I did enjoy it in the beginning. A part of me does wish I had completed it. If I had done it though I don't know what my blog posts would be like today. I don't think I would have been able to get back into the swing of things. It's always good to have a break from things. It allows you to come back all fresh and new. You seem to look at things differently as well.

There you go my reasons for not completing Blogmas. If you have been in the same boat as me - let me know in the comments.

See you next time for another.


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