Binge worthy TV shows

These days are all about binge-watching your favourite TV show. There's no waiting a week until the next episode is on. It's more about seeing how many episodes you can watch in one day. There are a lot of TV shows that are worth binge-watching and a lot that aren't. But knowing the ones that are good can be hard to find when you've seen so many. That's why I am here today helping you guys out. Telling you guys what TV shows I think are worth binge watching.
The Walking Dead

If you are someone that loves Zombies as much as I do or your into horror then The Walking Dead is for you. With an outbreak of zombies roaming you follow the story of a guy called Ricky who has just woken up from a coma. You feel just as clueless as he is and wants to find out more. They have great development with the characters and they all have interesting backstories. In this programme, no one is safe you never know who is going to die next. 
Gossip Girl

Now I can't really give you a good enough reason to why this programme is binge worthing but it is. It's addicting. It's filled with gossip, troubles and interesting stories. Now the characters aren't that interesting well to start off with but as time goes on you find that they are just like you. They experience things that anyone would. Well, a little different because they have so much money. This programme is a chick flick for sure. Found myself watching it twice in one year. It's a great programme just to throw on. 
The IT Crowd

I love a good laugh as much as the next person. If you are the same as me then you will love the IT Crowd. It's fun, bonkers and hilarious. The programme is based on three people working in IT at the bottom floor of a building. You follow their funny and sometimes ridiculous problems. There isn't anything special about these characters which makes it even funnier to see.  
Black Mirror

You may have heard all of the fuss around the programme Black Mirror. It's a Netflix original all about what technology can do to you. It shows the implications of how it can be abused. Each episode has a different storyline and characters. This for me makes it so interesting as you don't know what to expect going into each episode. There are some episodes better than others. But overall I love them all. The great thing about Black Mirror is that you don't have to watch them in order and you don't have to watch them all at once. Even though once you start sometimes you can't stop. 

Friends is a 90's classic. I can watch the TV show again and again. For me it never gets boring. It's a comedy show following a group of friends trying to get through life and hit certain goals like marriage and having a family. They go through a lot of struggles and somehow find their way out of them. Each episode is 20 minutes long so they are great for a bit of fun and something you can put in the background. 

There you go, guys! My binge-worthy TV shows that I think everyone should watch. I hope you liked today's blog post. Be sure to comment below what TV show you couldn't stop watching until you saw the whole thing. 

See you next time for another.


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