Date Night Ideas

Dating, being in a relationship or being married to someone there is always the excitement of date night. A night where you can spend time together in a way you wouldn't normally. It's a way of being able to celebrate your love to one and other. Treating each other and making your other half feel special.
The most common thing to do on a date night is to go out for a meal or have one of you cook a romantic meal at home. Sometimes though it's good to change things up a bit -Try something different. Do something new together. Maybe even get out of your comfort zone. Finding new ideas in the first place of new things to do can be tricky. To help you with this I have devised some cute things that I think are great for cute date nights that don't require a huge amount of effort, just love!

Everyone loves a good movie, don't they? But going to the cinema all the time is starting to get a bit costly. Instead, why not have a movie night at home put on a new film that you've both been wanting to see for ages. Or if you know their favourite film pop that on. If you want you home to feel more like a cinema why not use a projector. It's great and you don't need to get an expensive one. You can find them in charity shops sometimes. To make your movie night even more romantic, light some candles, dim the lights, close the blinds and bring pillows and blanks down for upstairs. This will make you both feel cosy and warm. You can order your favourite takeaway too, to make it feel like you're out of dinner.
Learning and doing things together makes your relationship stronger. Why not try baking something. If you get a really good recipe from online or a cookbook. Doesn't have to be anything amazing just something you both would love to eat. To add a bit more fun to it why not turn it into a competition. See who can win the best looking cake. The winner doesn't have to cook dinner or something. This is a fun and different kind of date that can be a real icebreaker.

I love board games. It gives you a chance to get away from technology for a bit. So why not buy some nibbles and get a fun board game that you both will love. Put on some music in the background. Then you've got a perfect night of board games and laughter. It's different and allows you both to talk and get to know each other more. If you're married with kids and can't find a babysitter then board games are great for getting them involved too. I always find that board games are great for socialising.
It's starting to get into the Springtime now. That means the weather is getting warmer - picnic's are great for it! Bring a nice blanket to it on in the garden or park. Play some nice music and enjoying being out in the fresh air. Allow yourselves to take it all in. You can always bring a ball to, to throw around for something extra to do.

Old school date nights are the cutest! Put away your phones and devices. Put on your favourite music for background noise. Light some candles. Make a romantic dinner or inside picnic. Build a fortress together out of blankets and pillows. If you put on some romantic music you can dance to you can dance and get all romantic.
These are my ideas for romantic dates. They don't need lots of money or time. Just a lot of love and thought can go into them. I say add your personal touch to the date. Make your other half feel special and like you know them. Maybe put on their favourite song.

I would love to know what dates nights you enjoy with your loved one.

See you next time for another.


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