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Death Cure was the last film left remaining in the Maze Runner series. 17 year old me watched the first Maze Runner film and came out loving it. Alice (my best friend) recommended seeing the film as she thought I would enjoy it. She was right. Ever since seeing that first film Alice and I have been very excited waiting for the other films to come out. Now the excitement is over.
The last film starts with Thomas leading his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. They are trying to save their friends by breaking into a legendary last city (WCHD headquarters). The group face a lot of challenges along the way which forces them to really work well as a team to defeat WCHD. I was pleasantly surprised with how happy I was with the ending of this trilogy. I was adamant that I wouldn't like it. I'm so glad I did though as I was waiting years for the final film - it made it worth the wait.

Seeing it in Imax made a huge difference in the quality of how the film looked. I felt like even though this is the case it would still look amazing on DVD.  The film was beautiful and looked amazing. With the stunning views and the costumes to go with it.

The acting in this film was amazing. They were good in the first film but they have still improved so much sense. This made their performances feel more real. It always great to see actors improve - it shows they are willing to learn more about acting and willing to give different things a go.

Dylan O'Brien who plays Thomas does an amazing job of portraying a conflicted guy who just wants to do right in the world. He see's the good in everyone even though sometimes he doesn't want to. He is always about leading and supporting his friends who he will do anything for. When one of his friends are hurt you can feel the pain in him too.

Fact:- Dylan had an injury during this film. We had a great recovery from it even though the film was postponed to January 12th, 2018. Even though this happened his acting was amazing and the film has been a huge hit.

There you go my review of the film Death Cure. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have seen this film, what are your thoughts?

See you next time for another.


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