How to bring positivity into your life

Being in a world with a lot of negativity can really bring down your mood. It can change your whole day, week or year. This is not because we have chosen for this to happen - but because us humans empathise. Sometimes we empathise too much. We start thinking about the bad stuff that is happening and we start to overthink. When this happens we struggle to get out of it. We struggle to lift our heads high above the negativity. If you stay down in that negativity space for too long you can get depressed, or get used to it that, you have forgotten what it was like to be happy. I don't think anyone wants this to happen - but as we are human we sometimes don't see things coming. We can't choose a lot of things that happen too.
What we can do though is choose to start changing little things first. Just little changes here and there to help bring your mood up. Lifting yourself to a nice point where you can see the negativity but you are choosing which of it you are bringing into your life. There are things that you can't choose to bring into your life. For the most part, you can choose what gets to you. 

If you want to start to get more positivity into your life then try something easy first of all. Try being kinder to yourself. Everyone is their worst bully. Even if you don't believe it tell yourself you are worthy, tell yourself you can do it and that you are beautiful. If you keep doing this you will start to believe it and feel self-worth. It will take time and energy but in the end, it'll be worth it. If you find the negative thoughts creeping back in recognise them. Tell yourself well done for doing so and then turn it into something positive. For example, if you're saying to yourself I'm useless - say I'm not I just need to keep trying and I will get it. Self-love is something I feel like everyone should be doing more of.
The things that influence our bad moods are other the people that are around us. Try to get the negative people you surround yourself with out of your life. This doesn't mean take everyone out of your life just for saying one negative comment. It simply means if someone is constantly being rude to you bringing you down then those are the people you should take out of your life. This will be hard at first but if you stick with it you'll feel amazing. You'll start to understand that you don't need those people in your life. You deserve better!

Get organised. This will help with stress a lot. Make to-do lists to make sure that you are getting done with needs to be done each day. This will help you achieve the best throughout your day. If you prioritise the things, it'll help you feel less worried about not getting it finished. You'll get the important things done and if you have time you can finish the whole list. Don't put too much pressure on yourself for getting everything done. Being more organised will help your days become a lot easier for you. Try little things at first like making your bed each day, then move onto bigger things like monthly to-do lists.

Something I have been doing a lot lately is meditation. If you are feeling anxious, stressed or finding it hard to sleep mediation is great for that. Ever since I have been doing it I have been sleeping so much better and my mood has been better with that. Even if you don't feel any of these things meditation will bring positivity into your life. It helps to clear your mind of everything. If you don't know how to meditate I recommend using an app. I use Headspace. But there are loads to chose from. Find what works for you. YouTube videos are also great for this.

People probably say this all the time but exercise is great for not only just your health but your mind. It is known to cure some illness' and help people sleep better. This is great for clearing your mind and using your energy into something positive. You don't need to run miles, just getting some fresh air by walking.

All these things are great for bringing positivity into your life. It's all about doing it a little bit at a time - trying out things that work for you. Trail and error. I would love to know in the comments what things you do to be positive in your life.

See you next time for another.


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