What meditation has done for me

If you have noticed I have been talking a lot about meditation in my blog posts lately. This is because it has done a lot for me. I started in October last year and it has changed my life in a positive way. I now look back and think why didn't I start it before? I began by doing it as part of the therapy I was having. It was one of the techniques that was supposed to help me with my panic attacks and dissociation. I started off by just doing it in the session with the therapist. As time went on I found that it really helped me to feel clam. So I started to do it before I went to bed each day. I used an app called HeadSpace to help me. I wasn't confident to do it on my own just yet. I would recommend if you are starting out using something like an app or a YouTube video to help you learn the techniques.
I started to notice that doing it before bedtime helped me sleep a lot better. I was starting to sleep the whole night. For me, this was amazing, as ever since I started having anxiety my brain had been on overload and wouldn't let me sleep. I also found I wasn't going to the toilet every 10 to 20 minutes anymore. Which gave me a lot more freedom in things I can do and didn't disturb my sleep. For me these things were huge and I feel so grateful to have started meditation.

After discovering that mediation was the way forward for me I started to learn different techniques. Such as using my senses to bring me back into the room. For example, say 5 things I can see and 4 things I can touch etc. There are so many different techniques and not all of them will work for you. But it's all about trial and error. What works for you. For me the most effective one is the breathing in for 4, hold for 4 and out for 4. It calms me right down and brings me back to reality.

The great thing about meditation is that you don't have to do it sat down in a room on your own. Once you've got the basic techniques you can do it anywhere. Such as walking in a park as your breathing in the fresh air. I was worried at first that I would be making drawing attention to myself during mediation that's why I started off not doing it outside of my bedroom. Over time I realised that you don't need to. It's all about your breathing and slowing your heart rate down. I can now do it whenever I feel like. It's great as I don't feel limited to time now.
The things I have learnt when starting this is that it takes time to learn the technique and get comfortable with it. It's a skill and not an everyday thing you learn from school. I have learnt that I don't have to be having a panic attack for it to benefit me. With this, I have learnt that I can do it anywhere and anytime I want.

Meditation for me has changed my life in a positive way and I believe it will carry on doing so. I do not think it's for everyone but I do think it can benefit everyone doing it correctly. If you have any questions on this topic please comment below. Just so you know that I am no expert. These are just things I have learnt.

See you next time for another.


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