5 things that I wish I learnt at school

Throughout school, you are supposed to learn the skills needed to prepare you for adult life. Even though I don't think school was for me I still learnt some things by going. I don't think I would be where I am today without it. Even though there are a lot of things that school teaches us - there are still a lot of things that school don't teach us. Things that I wish they did teach me. Things that I feel like if I knew I wouldn't be so all over the place now worrying whether or not I'm doing things right.
Money is an important part of everyone's lives. Whether you have the money or not it is something that we as a whole us a lot of. Being able to manage money is something that we don't get taught at school. We are taught that getting a job is important to earn money. But having money and knowing how to use it is something else. Being able to spend your money where's needed and being able to treat yourself without spending your whole wallet.

Carrying on with the money side of things. To have money you need to earn it by getting a job. Getting a job isn't the only way of earning money but it is the prefered way for most. It's something that we are a taught to look for from a young age. No one tells you how to get one. How do you create a CV and how do you go about getting a job. What are the right ways and methods to get a job in the right way? This is something that I feel like all schools should teach us. It's a needed thing to know. As working is what we all do.
At schools, they do some cooking classes. But only if you take it as a GCSE. Even then your not really being taught how to cook properly. How to cut, cook and store food in a safe way. They don't teach you how to make healthy hearty meals that will fill your belly and not take a lot of money out of your wallet. What food is good for you and why. Eating is an important part of surviving yet we don't get taught really how to do it.

Thoughtout life you are more than likely to get a hole in at least one of your clothes or even lose a button. But we aren't taught how to sew it back on. It would have been great to be taught how to do these things to help stop wasting clothes. To be able to sew up my clothes myself without feeling like I either need someone to help me or that I need to get rid of them. It's a skill that I think everyone should learn how to do.
They say at school that they teach how about sex education. I don't think they really teach you enough. They just say to put a condom on. But there are so much more to sex than what they teach you. They should teach us how to be safe and that it's okay to not know what to do. It's okay to want it. It's important for them to make young people confident enough to talk about their issues.
All these things are important to each other. They are things that I wish I had learnt at school to know how to survive in the real world with fewer struggles.

See you next time for another.


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