Be your own sterotype

Do you ever just find yourself people watching? Looking at the way people dress, walk and talk. I love people watching and I think it's something that a lot of us do. When we do this we can find ourselves comparing ourselves to them. We can think why am I not like that. I this I had that body. We start to then say bad stuff about ourselves. I look fat, I'm ugly, I should be like her. These thoughts aren't healthy or helpful. They make you feel so bad about yourself that can make you start to copy the way other people do things. Next thing you see is you start to dress and act the same as what they do. Which then puts you into a stereotype bracket which is the same as theirs.
Let's break this chain! Let's stop copying people. Let's stop wanting to be someone else and start being ourselves. Let's change the way people think about each other and let's break stereotypes. Start wearing what you want when you want. Listen to the music you love because you enjoy it not because of what kind of clothes you wear. Challenge stereotypes for good.

By doing this over time it should help to break those stereotypes that we as people have come up with. We can't control what people think of us but what we can control is what we do about it. If you are wanting to change the way people think about you, doing the same thing will not achieve this.
Stereotypes for me are something that society as a whole has made to put people into groups. For whatever reason, that might be it isn't a good thing. There is no need to put anyone into a category. We are our own people. This is what makes us humans so amazing. If everyone was the same life would be so boring. Having different types of people means we can learn so much from others and see a wonderful bright world.


See you next time for another.


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