Enjoying the time we have

Life is full of surprises - these surprises come with ups and downs. The ups and downs that we encounter and how we deal with them is what makes us who we are. It can change the way we see something, even if that something is small.
Even though there are so much hate and destruction in the world there is still so much to love and enjoy. Most of these things you can't control. Saying this there are a few things you can control. These things are what determine our moods and events that happen in our lives. We can't change the events that have happened but we can choose how we react.

Earth and life are something that is going to end eventually. We don't know when but we know it will happen. We can't let any of it stop us from doing something that we want to do. We need to start joining the time we have together. Let's start to involve everyone. Let's create a world that's worth living in. We can't choose what anyone else can do but we can choose what ourselves do.

If we start to appreciate the time we have by loving the ones in our lives, saying please and thank you to everyone, giving a stranger a helping hand and being kind to everyone. Even if someone isn't kind to you - let's not let it get to us and let's enjoy what we have.

As you walk around start to notice what's around you. What do you smell? What do you taste? Can you see anything interesting? Is there something you can touch? Can you hear something? When you start to do this you will really take in the surroundings. Then you will feel your presence in the world.

When you are spending time with someone instead of being annoyed at what they do. Start to notice all the things you love about that person. Start to show yourself that without those faults that person has - that they wouldn't be them. You love them for them. They may annoy you at times but you can't imagine life without them.

Hate your job? Let's change that. Find little things that you love about your job. Start talking in a positive way about what you enjoy from your job. Tell yourself you enjoy doing it. Enjoy the time we have.

Here are the reasons why we should enjoy the time we have. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

See you next time for another.


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