My Fitness Journey | It's been two weeks

If you have seen my first fitness journey blog post then you would have seen that I have started my journey into getting healthy. I will be sharing with you my progress and experience with fitness. This will include me talking about what goals I have achieved so far, what's changed, any advice I can give and more! I hope that you enjoy my mini-series, also get at least one thing about of it.
Right now enough rambling and chit chat! Let's get stuck in.

You may be thinking by the title of this video 'how on earth can anything have changed within a couple of weeks of working out and healthy eating?'. I'm shocked too. I never thought that it can take that amount of time for things to change. Now I'm not saying I've lost tones of weight and now I'm a heavyweight champion. I am saying though that I have seen some changes, whilst learning some things too.
Things I have learnt
  • I am stronger than I thought
  • Exercise can be fun
  • Exercise can help your mental health more than you know
  • It's not hard to get better
  • I don't have to be good at everything straight away 
  • It's all about practice 
Since the last blog post, I have gotten myself a personal trainer which James is doing with me. He has been teaching us so much and has been a massive motivator.

James on the first session could hardly do any squats and felt very sick. The week after we could both do the whole hour and it felt amazing. We came out feeling very proud of ourselves. We may not have lost any weight yet but we have gained confidence and skills. Which I think are more important. In time though it would be good to lose the extra fat on my body.

I am pretty happy with the progress so far. I'm looking forward to the future.


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