Race For Life!

This year I am taking part in Race for Life for the first time. Cancer Research has been doing Race for Life for a long time now and millions of women take part. It is a run for is for 5K which is just over 3 miles. This run is for all abilities and ages. You don't have to run if you aren't able/want to. You can choose whether you want to walk, run or jog and go at your own pace. There is more than 150 Race for Life 5K events across the UK.
Cancer Research is an organisation that is all about trying to beat cancer. In the 1970's, less than a quarter of people with cancer survived. But now the survival rate has doubled.

''Cancer is a disease of the body's own cells. Our bodies are made up of billions of cells and each one has a specific role to play. Human bodies are complex and there are many different types of cells. Normally these cells are working fine and only grow and divide when they are told to. In cancer, these molecular checks are broken so cells are no longer working how they should. Which is how cancer happens in your body.''

It's a serious illness that people get and there are ways that we can help support those in need. Here are a couple of things you can do to help:
  • Spread awareness
  • Do some fundraising 
  • Donate money
As I am running the Race for Life this year I would love it if you guys could help me raise so money. Here is my Just Giving page https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/fundraiser/dashboard if you would like to donate some money. If you are unable to then please up me to spread awareness by either sharing my page or spreading the word about cancer.

This is an amazing cause that I am proud to be part of. Let's help stop cancer!


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