Where I've been | Life Update

You have noticed that I haven't been blogging for a while. Or maybe you haven't and this blog post might be a bit pointless. If you have I thought I would update you on what I've been up to, also explain why I haven't been posting.
If you're a blogger like me than you will understand that blogging can get frustrating sometimes. You feel like what you are doing is going anywhere or achieving anything. This is how I started to feel. I took this as a sign that I need a bit of a break from blogging to refresh my mind a bit. I started to feel like my reason for blogging wasn't working. I don't know how that makes you feel when you're like this but it made me feel useless.

Life can get in the way of your passions and hobbies sometimes too. For me, blogging is my passion and one day I would love it to be my fulltime job. For now, I am working as a youth worker and applying for jobs. This has taken up a lot of my time. Making sure my CV is all correct, attending interviews. Whilst also making sure I am ready for my last exam in my apprenticeship.

At this moment in time, I'm trying to get things finished and sorted out. I am going to try and blog as much as a can. When I have more time you will hear more from me. I have prepared some posts for the future which are pretty exciting. Very excited to start writing those. Getting back into the swing of blogging is what I can't wait to do and very much looking forward to.


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