Race For Life | What an experience

Now you may or may not know but I attended Race for Life for the first time this year. It is something that I have been wanting to do for years. I finally got to do it! It's something that I would recommend all women to do at least once in their lives. Whether it's to run the race in aid of someone you know that has/had cancer or just for people with cancer in general.
Things I loved about Race for Life

The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone coming together for one event. Supporting one and other towards a great cause. There was a lot of cheering, smiling and praise. It didn't matter if you took part in the race or not - everyone was just happy for you to be there.

You didn't have to run if you didn't want to. Running is great but they know that not everyone can do that. Even more so in the heat that we had. You can jog or walk it if you want to. If you wanted you could mix up what you did during it. So walk a bit, then jog then back to walking. It didn't matter as long as you were moving towards the finish line. 

The people behind the Race for Life team are very good at preparing you for the race. For example just put online a guide on how you can train for the run/jog. It's awesome as they don't just say okay there you go just go do it. They help you along the way and allow you to be prepared.

Now I am not a runner but I did manage to do well during the race. I jog/walked for 3K and ran for 2K. For the last 500m I sprinted. Which I am shocked that I managed to do that as I didn't prepare. So I think starting the GYM has helped with this massively. 

It was a great experience and I am really grateful for the people that have support and donated towards this amazing event. Might even do it next year, we shall see!


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