Let’s get back to work!

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been blogging for a month or so. Which is strange for me as I blogged twice a week without fail. I wasn’t happy that blogging became a bit of a back fall in my life for a bit. It wasn’t something that I planned or anything. It just happened. Out of the blue from nowhere, I lost interest and desire to keep creating something that I’ve loved doing for three years now. I tried to write posts when I had time, but everything I seemed to write was boring and not worth posting. If I wasn’t happy with my posts, why would my audience be? That is what I kept telling myself over and over.
Something was wrong, I wasn’t myself. I felt unmotivated and unfulfilled. I knew something had to change. Sitting around and waiting for something magical to happen is not how life works. If I want something I need to go get it myself. I can't just expect something to just be handed to me just like that. I need to work for it.

I felt like this because I didn’t like my blog anymore. I felt like it wasn’t betraying who I really am. Just who I thought I should be. I think this was really showing throughout my posts and that made my views drop down a lot. This made it even harder for me to write anything I was proud of. All I wanted was more views, likes, comments and all that jazz. Which looking back now I knew this was silly. I needed to really go back and think about why I started this blog in the first place. Was it for views and fame? Or was it about self-expression and enjoyment?

Through watching YouTube I found my passion and drive again. I started watching a YouTuber called Sorellamore. Who is an Australian who lives in Iceland. She is all about filming tutorials on how to take advanced selfies. She is very talented in what she does. As well as this she has an amazing work/life ethic. This is what inspired me the most. How she is as a person. In one of her videos, she mentioned that if you really want something in life you need to work for it. You can do whatever you want to but don’t limit yourself to just one thing. This really inspired me to do more and start again if you will.

When I got this inspiration it was a couple of days before my holiday so unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to start up again. Instead of just doing nothing about it I started to do my own advance selfies. Trying different angles and backgrounds. I’ve been loving it ever since! I feel like this will be something I’ll be doing moving forward, for sure.

The future of my blog is a bit uncertain but I’m hoping that I’ll be incorporating more photography. Showing you my developments and what I have learned along the way. I still want to carry on writing about my fitness journey and holidays I have been on. As I feel like at this moment in my life they are important to me.
Even though having a break from blogging might have set my blog back a bit, it has been worth it. It’s almost as if I’ve got a new lease of life. Here’s to more blog posts in the future!


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